Sleeping Beauties

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Kim Eikefet

Two of the Pro Tour teams received unexpected byes when the Team Rochester Draft was supposed to start. Dirk Baberowski of the Juggernauts and Casey McCarrel of Huey, Ben + Casey both failed to show up, and their teams received match losses. "My alarm clock didn't ring, and no-one called because the modem was plugged in instead of the telephone," Baberowski says, naturally not too happy about the whole situation.

Dirk's first day of the Pro Tour was very long. After showing up early in the morning, the team event itself ended just after ten at night. Then, Dirk played the quarterfinals of the Masters, where he faced Trey Van Cleave in a very long match. "The match was fast, but the sideboarding took forever - like 45 minutes," Dirk explains, happy about playing in the Masters but still wishing that it would end before two at night.

So Dirk didn't get to bed until three a.m., and when he woke up at 9:09, he thought it was a bad dream and that he was about to wake up. But it wasn't a dream, Dirk had overslept and at the site, his teammates and first round opponents both wondered what had happened. "We were concerned," Stephan Valkyser says. Juggernauts were paired against Valkyser's team, Draften und Spielen, and although the other Germans took their free win, they had mixed feelings about the whole thing. "We were thinking that maybe something had happened to him. Dirk is not the guy to come in late in the morning. This is the first time he has overslept," Valkyser adds.

So all the Germans were pretty relieved when Baberowski showed up, too late for the first draft but still in time for the second one - his team was not ejected from the tournament in spite of him oversleeping. Draften und Spielen spent the free time relaxing and getting some food. "We still don't have high expectations, but hope to win two more matches and get two losses and make top 20 at least. But I'm sad this happened to the other German team," Valkyser says.

Dirk's teammate, Kai Budde, was not too happy about the unexpected match loss. "No comment," he says when asked about his thoughts when Dirk didn't show up for the first draft. Dirk couldn't really do anything but smile of the whole incident though. "We didn't feel it would be fair otherwise," he says about the loss. "Especially since we've played six or seven practice drafts against Draften und Spielen, and we never lost." Dirk doesn't feel that his team has lost all chances of doing well either: "We can draft pretty well."

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