Spotlight Draft: Draft 4, Pod 3

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By Michelle Bush

  Eric Froehlich Allan Christensen Scott Richards Wilfried Ranque Jeff Clark Scott Johns Rob Dougherty Kamiel Cornelissen
1-8: Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Pick 6 Pick 7 Pick 8
    Pick 15 Pick 14 Pick 13 Pick 12 Pick 11 Pick 10 Pick 9
Pack 1 Breath of Darigaaz Thornscape Apprentice Tower Drake Plague Spores Tribal Flames Sunscape Apprentice Kavu Aggressor Urborg Phantom
    Kavu Lair Chaotic Strike Shimmering Wings Traveler's Cloak Whip Silk Kavu Scout Voldalian Hypnotist
Pack 2 Rage Weaver Benalish Trapper Voldalian Zombie Tribal Flames Rooting Kavu Benalish Lancer Phyrexian Slayer Lotus Guardian
  Llanowar Vanguard   Tainted Well Reviving Dose Llanowar Elite Disrupt Phyrexian Battleflies Prison Barricade
Pack 3 Nomadic Elf Might Weaver Repulse Pouncing Kavu Kavu Runner Razorfoot Griffin Soul Burn Obsidian Acolyte
  Frenzied Tillings Wax/Wane   Wandering Stream Overabundance Phantasmal Terrain Scavenged Weaponry Wordly Counsel
Pack 4 Slimy Kavu Tidal Visionary Cursed Flesh Pouncing Kavu Kavu Aggressor Benalish Trapper Firescreamer Hanna, Ship's Navigator
  Llanowar Vanguard Barrin's Unmaking Seer's Vision   Bog Initiate Protective Sphere Pain/Suffering Teferi's Care
Pack 5 Serpentine Kavu Viashino Grappler Phyrexian Delver Phyrexian Battleflies Kavu Chameleon Galina's Knight Soul Burn Razorfoot Griffin
  Savage Offensive Dismantling Blow Darigaaz's Attendant Sleeper's Robe   Wandering Stream Frenzied Tillings ??
Pack 6 Nomadic Elf Pincer Spider Addle Explosive Growth Restock Shackles Exotic Curse Charging Troll
  Archeological Dig Irrigation Ditch Wings of Hope Scavanged Weaponry Overload   Phantasmal Terrain Reviving Dose
Pack 7 Maniacal Rage Shivan Emissary Soul Burn Prohibit Turf Wound Traveler's Cloak Crypt Angel Razorfoot Griffin
  Wandering Stream Savage Offensive Essence Leak Scouting Trek Llanowar Elite Phyrexian Battleflies   Phantasmal Terrain
Pack 8 Armadillo Cloak Pouncing Kavu Urborg Drake Harrow Dromar's Attendant Dream Thrush Mourning Probe
  Scarred Puma Saproling Symbiosis Orim's Touch Nightscape Apprentice Slimy Kavu Prison Barricade Salt Marsh  
9-16 Pick 8 Pick 7 Pick 6 Pick 5 Pick 4 Pick 3 Pick 2 Pick 1
  Pick 9 Pick 10 Pick 11 Pick 12 Pick 13 Pick 14 Pick 15  
Pack 9 Wallop Fertile Ground Voldalian Serpent Shivan Zombie Pincher Spider Tower Drake Cinder Shade Agonizing Demise
  Captain Sisay Sunscape Apprentice Phyrexian Reaper Overload Shimmering Wings Bloodstone Cameo Geothermal Crevice  
Pack 10 Explosive Growth Yavimaya Barbarian Angelic Shield Scorching Lava Breath of Darigaaz Stormscape Apprentice Tsabo's Assassin Rampant Elephant
  Maniacal Rage Viashino Grappler Scavanged Weaponry Stun Chaotic Strike Irrigation Ditch   Shimmering Wings
Pack 11 Quirion Sentinel Rooting Kavu Recoil Exotic Curse Viashino Grappler Benalish Lancer Backlash Opt
  Overload Quirion Trailblazer Temporal Distortion Chaotic Strike Phantasmal Terrain   Overload Rampant Elephant
Pack 12 Rogue Kavu Treefolk Healer Fairie Squadron Harrow Canopy Surge Angelic Shield Cursed Flesh Galina's Knight
  Aggressive Urge Scarred Puma Voldalian Merchant Wandering Stream   Dream Thrush Nightscape Apprentice Juntu Stakes
Pack 13 Simoon Thornscape Apprentice Teferi's Moat Tribal Flames Quirion Sentinel Wings of Hope Kavu Scout Tower Drake
  Overload Holy Day Shimmering Wings   Pledge of Loyalty Tidal Visionary Traveler's Cloak Voldalian Hypnotist
Pack 14 Pouncing Kavu Kavu Chameleon Rout Hooded Kavu Thornscape Apprentice Galina's Knight Soul Burn Stormscape Apprentice
  Reviving Dose Phantasmal Terrain   Slimy Kavu Pain/Suffering Prison Barricade Overload Benalish Emissary
Pack 15 Hunting Kavu Armadillo Cloak Urborg Emissary Cursed Flesh Harrow Dream Thrush Verduran Emissary Fairie Squadron
  Whip Silk   Prison Barricade Nightscape Apprentice Slimy Kavu Restrain Bind Sterling Grove
Pack 16 Thicket Elemental Llanowar Knight Firescreamer Soul Burn Thunderscape Apprentice Wash Out Goham Djinn Exclude
    ?? Protective Sphere Hooded Kavu Slimy Kavu Overload Elfhame Sanctuary ??
17-24: Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Pick 6 Pick 7 Pick 8
    Pick 15 Pick 14 Pick 13 Pick 12 Pick 11 Pick 10 Pick 9
Pack 17 Armadillo Cloak Noble Panther Stormscape Apprentice Phyrexian Reaper Serpentine Kavu Rampant Elephant Simoon Stand/Deliver
    Stun Sulfur Vent Urborg Emissary Quirion Sentinel Traveler's Cloak Bloodstone Cameo Restrain
Pack 18 Maniacal Rage Kavu Scout Agonizing Demise Yavimaya Barbarian Quirion Elves Spirit Weaver Explosive Growth Absorb
  Barrin's Unmaking   Seashell Cameo Sulfur Vent Scarred Puma Dismantling Blow Seer's Vision Shoreline Raider
Pack 19 Exotic Curse Hypnotic Cloud Repulse Tsabo Tsavoc Ancient Kavu Voldalian Serpent Cinder Shade Shackles
  Urborg Shambler Recover   Holy Day Wandering Stream Liberate Quirion Trailblazer Ancient Spring
Pack 20 Slimy Kavu Wallop Prohibit Pouncing Kavu Kavu Chameleon Probe Obsidian Acolyte Noble Panther
  Barrin's Unmaking Tinder Farm Rith's Attendant   Llanowar Vanguard Crown of Flames Llanowar Cavalry Protective Sphere
Pack 21 Yavimaya Barbarian Kavu Climber Strength of Unity Restock Assault/Battery Agonizing Demise Trench Wurm Recover
  Fertile Ground Turf Wound Benalish Emissary Scarred Puma   Bog Initiate Restrain Irrigation Ditch
Pack 22 Zap Explosive Growth Hate Weaver Darigaaz's Attendant Ruham Djinn Spinal Embrace Agonizing Demise Recoil
  Scarred Puma Orim's Touch Strength of Unity Barrin's Unmaking Turf Wound   Traveler's Cloak Irrigation Ditch
Pack 23 Pouncing Kavu Benalish Trapper Benalish Trapper Phyrexian Slayer Aggressive Urge Urborg Drake Tribal Flames Stormscape Apprentice
  Horned Cheetah Collapsing Borders Restrain Bog Initiate Urborg Skeleton Capashen Unicorn   Rewards of Diversity
Pack 24 Armadillo Cloak Rooting Kavu Tower Drake Scorching Lava Pincher Spider Prison Barricade Ruby Leech Repulse
  ?? Sterling Grove Shimmering Wings Urborg Phantom Slimy Kavu Phyrexian Battleflies Slinking Serpent  

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