Spotlight Draft: Top 8

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By Anthony Alongi

Maindeck cards are in boldface


  Lawrence Creech Michael Gurney Erno Ekebom Kamiel Cornelissen Mike Pustilnik Jon Finkel Benedikt Klauser Kyle Rose
1-8: Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Pick 6 Pick 7 Pick 8
    Pick 15 Pick 14 Pick 13 Pick 12 Pick 11 Pick 10 Pick 9
Pack 1 Razorfoot Griffin Cinder Shade Soul Burn Serpentine Kavu Benalish Lancer Hooded Kavu Lightning Dart Juntu Stakes
    Shimmering Wings Ancient Spring Protective Sphere Essence Leak Urborg Skeleton Tainted Well Tranquility
Pack 2 Wings of Hope Exotic Curse Probe Kavu Runner Galina's Knight Kavu Aggressor Wax/Wane Mourning
  Stand/Deliver   Reviving Dose Global Ruin Irrigation Ditch Turf Wound Harrow Recover
Pack 3 Restrain Plague Spores Exotic Curse Power Armor Shackles Pyre Zombie Pincer Spider Shivan Emissary
  Sky Weaver Ravenous Rats   Whip Silk Protective Sphere Firescreamer Slimy Kavu Urborg Phantom
Pack 4 Shoreline Raider Phyrexian Battleflies Traveler's Cloak Explosive Growth Sky Weaver Plague Spores Might Weaver Nightscape Apprentice
  Rampant Elephant Ruby Leech Phantasmal Terrain   Llanowar Elite Overload Elfhame Palace Thunderscape Apprentice
Pack 5 Stormscape Apprentice Skittish Kavu Recoil Stun Stormscape Master Scorching Lava Ruham Djinn Backlash
  Ardent Soldier Urborg Phantom Dream Thrush Slimy Kavu   Quirion Trailblazer Prison Barricade Rampant Elephant
Pack 6 Glimmering Angel Fires of Yavimaya Shoreline Raider Quirion Sentinel Stand/Deliver Tribal Flames Llanowar Knight Viashino Grappler
  Shimmering Wings Overload Prohibit Restock Opt   Holy Day Shivan Harvest
Pack 7 Tidal Visionary Hate Weaver Duskwalker Stun Ardent Soldier Firescreamer Spite/Malice Ancient Kavu
  Coalition Victory Slimy Kavu Darigaaz's Attendant Strength of Unity Wings of Hope Phyrexian Reaper   Protective Sphere
Pack 8 Repulse Cursed Flesh Tower Drake Rith, the Awakener Sleeper's Robe Phyrexian Battleflies Thornscape Apprentice Hate Weaver
  Vigorous Charge Llanowar Elite Traveler's Cloak Frenzied Tilling Seashell Cameo Shivan Harvest Barrin's Unmaking  
9-16 Pick 8 Pick 7 Pick 6 Pick 5 Pick 4 Pick 3 Pick 2 Pick 1
  Pick 9 Pick 10 Pick 11 Pick 12 Pick 13 Pick 14 Pick 15  
Pack 9 Charging Troll Firescreamer Treva's Attendant Armadillo Cloak Stormscape Apprentice Serpentine Kavu Rith, the Awakener Scorching Lava
  Crimson Acolyte Quirion Sentinel Capashan Unicorn Rampant Elephant Archeological Dig Savage Offensive Holy Day  
Pack 10 Prison Barricade Hooded Kavu Probe Rogue Kavu Exclude Smoldering Tar Serpentine Kavu Tranquility
  Drake-Skull Cameo Overload Manipulate Fate Frenzied Tilling Phantasmal Terrain Kavu Lair   Sulfur Vent
Pack 11 Shoreline Raider Kavu Scout Recoil Pincer Spider Absorb Repulse Quirion Trailblazer Crosis' Attendant
  Samite Ministration Turf Wound Reviving Dose Llanowar Elite     Yavimaya Kavu Overload
Pack 12 Pincer Spider Zap Agonizing Demise Thunderscape Master Spite/Malice Recoil Explosive Growth Treva's Attendant
  Worldly Counsel Turf Wound Restrain Bog Initiate   Defiling Tears Strength of Unity Scarred Puma
Pack 13 Benalish Trapper Mourning Yawgmoth's Agenda Tribal Flames Spirit Weaver Recover Obsidian Acolyte Sparring Golem
  Irrigation Ditch Turf Wound Wandering Stream   Nomadic Elf Yavimaya Barbarian Orim's Cure Addle
Pack 14 Verdeloth the Ancient Kavu Aggressor Wash Out Serpentine Kavu Probe Zap Kavu Chameleon Plague Spores
  Opt Elfhame Sanctuary   Quirion Sentinel Ravenous Rats Viashino Grappler Urborg Phantom Vigorous Charge
Pack 15 Repulse Soul Burn Metathran Zombie Razorfoot Griffin Vodalian Zombie Ravenous Rats Nomadic Elf Pouncing Kavu
  Vigorous Charge   Ruham Djinn Juntu Stakes Samite Ministration Rogue Kavu Tinder Farm Shivan Harvest
Pack 16 Faerie Squadron Scavenged Weaponry Hypnotic Cloud Nomadic Elf Duskwalker Hate Weaver Obsidian Acolyte Shivan Zombie
    Samite Ministration Vodalian Merchant Kavu Climber Crystal Spray Wayfaring Giant Wandering Stream Irrigation Ditch
17-24: Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5 Pick 6 Pick 7 Pick 8
    Pick 15 Pick 14 Pick 13 Pick 12 Pick 11 Pick 10 Pick 9
Pack 17 Jade Leech Tribal Flames Mourning Nomadic Elf Obsidian Acolyte Duskwalker Glimmering Angel Recover
    Vigorous Charge Frenzied Tilling Irrigation Ditch Slinking Serpent Cremate Treefolk Healer Yavimaya Barbarian
Pack 18 Undermine Scorching Lava Tower Drake Pincer Spider Vodalian Serpent Vicious Kavu Llanowar Knight Hooded Kavu
  Chromatic Sphere   Traveler's Cloak Whip Silk Shimmering Wings Manipulate Fate Ancient Spring Viashino Grappler
Pack 19 Angelic Shield Savage Offensive Fact or Fiction Zap Faerie Squadron Plague Spores Kavu Climber Rogue Kavu
  Tidal Visionary Tinder Farm   Fertile Ground Well-Laid Plains Capashan Unicorn Wallop Metathran Zombie
Pack 20 Ordered Migration Hypnotic Cloud Opt Ancient Kavu Exclude Reckless Spite Repulse Duskwalker
  Benalish Emissary Geothermal Crevice Strength of Unity   Kavu Lair Wandering Stream Frenzied Tilling Vodalian Merchant
Pack 21 Galina's Knight Firebrand Ranger Mourning Aggressive Urge Benalish Trapper Urza's Rage Tribal Flames Reckless Spite
  Capashan Unicorn Firescreamer Phyrexian Slayer Kavu Aggressor   Phantasmal Terrain Tigereye Cameo Wandering Stream
Pack 22 Sabertooth Nishoba Pain/Suffering Repulse Crimson Acolyte Shackles Soul Burn Armadillo Cloak Thornscape Apprentice
  Whip Silk Sulfur Vent Metathran Zombie Llanowar Elite Stormscape Apprentice   Cremate Slinking Serpent
Pack 23 Vodalian Serpent Recover Shoreline Raider Meteor Storm Benalish Emissary Rooting Kavu Armadillo Cloak Maniacal Rage
  Prohibit Savage Offensive Metathran Zombie Hero's Reunion Sunscape Apprentice Quirion Elves   Ancient Spring
Pack 24 Benalish Heralds Firebrand Ranger Recoil Kavu Climber Dismantling Blow Phyrexian Slayer Glimmering Angel Nightscape Master
  Holy Day Tigereye Cameo Overload Llanowar Cavalry Quirion Trailblazer Phyrexian Battleflies Benalish Lancer  

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