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With Day 2 of US Nationals underway, we made our way through the aisles to see what the Pro Tour's finest were playing. While most of the field was playing either Fires, Orbosition, Counter Rebel or some kind of blue-based control deck, there were a few innovators out there.

The top table in round one featured Mike Turian, playing a monowhite Rebel deck, facing off against Sol Malka, who was playing an aggressive red-black deck with Scoria Cats as the finisher. Meanwhile, PT Barcelona third place finisher Dan Clegg was playing an Orbosition deck splashing green for Saproling Cluster designed by Jason Keybak and Burt Jones of Boston. Jason playfully calls the deck Saproling Burt.

Meanwhile, perhaps the most surprising innovation in the field comes from two of the Pro Tour's forgotten stars. Nate Clarke and Dave Bachmann, both of who had multiple Top 8 finishes in their heyday, both qualified for US Nationals based on ratings and decided to use the opportunity to reunite with old friends. In that they were already making the trip, to the surprise of many, they playtested the Standard format intensely, finally deciding that the best deck choice would be a monored Wildfire deck with Ensnaring Bridge, Grafted Skullcap, Stone Rain, Pillage and direct damage. It will be interesting to see how the veterans do with their deck choice, especially with Bachmann 5-1 coming into the day. Here's what the rest of the stars are playing:

  • Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz - Fires
  • Ben Rubin - Blue with Tsabo's Decree
  • Trevor Blackwell - Fires
  • Brock Parker - Blue with Tsabo's Decree
  • Zvi Mowshowitz - Blue-White control
  • Pete Leiher - Fires
  • Dave Humpherys - Counter-Rebel
  • Justin Gary - Blue-White Nether-Go
  • Tim McKenna - Fires
  • Dave Price - Fires
  • Jason Opalka - Fires
  • Casey McCarrel - Blue with Tsabo's Decree
  • Bruce Cowley - Counter-Rebel
  • Rob Dougherty - Black-Red
  • Scott McCord - Mono Red Beatdown
  • Lawrence "The Creecher" Creech - Blue-White Control
  • Frank Hernandez - Red-Green Beatdown
  • Brian Davis - Fires
  • Dave Williams - Domain
  • Alan Comer - Blue-Black
  • Brian Kibler - Blue with Tsabo's Decree
  • Bob Maher - 18-Land Mono Blue
  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz - Counter-Rebel
  • Igor Frayman - Fires
  • Scott Johns - Blue-White Control
  • Alex Shvartsman - Blue-White Control
  • Adrian Sullivan - 18-Land Mono Blue
  • "Baby Huey" Billy Jensen - Fires
  • Darwin Kastle - Fires
  • Mike Pustilnik - Fires
  • Chris Benafel - Fires
  • Jon Finkel - Fires

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