Sunday, 1:11 p.m. – Day Two Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on January 19, 2014

By Tobi Henke

185 deck lists have all been checked, and here are the results. To give a more accurate picture of the day-two field, the following table lists decks according to rather broad categories. Of course there are differences between Black-Green Rock, Jund, Junk, and the Jund/Junk hybrids, for example, but it somehow feels wrong to have them spread out over the lower half of the list when, combined, these decks take up the biggest share of the metagame.

You can find further differentiation below, here's the overview:

Deck Archetype Number
Black/Green/X* 33
Splinter Twin 20
Affinity 19
Blue-White-Red 17
Birthing Pod 16
Merfolk 15
Urzatron** 11
Scapeshift 9
Burn 6
Hatebears*** 7
Living End 6
Blue/Red/X Delver**** 5
Hexproof/Auras 3
Goryo's Vengeance***** 3
Zoo 3
Gifts Ungiven 2
Infect 2
Storm 2
Bant 1
Discard 1
Green Devotion 1
Red Devotion 1
Red-Black-White 1
Soul Sisters 1

*Black/Green/X: This category includes 13 Jund decks, 13 "Junk/d" decks (that is, with red and white), five Junk decks, and two decks with just black and green.

**Urzatron: 10 of the usual green-red Tron decks plus one mono-blue version.

***Hatebears: Six of these are green and white and verge on real beatdown territory, but one is a version of "Death & Taxes"—mono-white with more disruptive creatures and Aether Vial.

****Blue/Red/X Delver: Actually just one splashing green for Tarmogoyf, the rest all two-colored with Young Pyromancer.

*****Goryo's Vengeance: One "Tin Fists" played by Jan van der Vegt, who complements Goryo's Vengeance with Fist of Suns, plus two versions which instead employ Necrotic Ooze to make use of a discarded Griselbrand.

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