Sunday, 2:22 p.m. – Day Two Metagame

Posted in Event Coverage on February 17, 2014

By Tobi Henke

Here's what the field on the second day of Grand Prix Paris 2014 looked like. Below you will find listed the decks of 180 players, six others chose to run rogue builds of which only a single copy made the cut.

Deck: Number:
BUG Delver 25
Miracles 15
Storm 13
Elves 12
Sneak & Show 12
WUBG Deathblade 12
UWR Stoneblade/Delver 10
Merfolk 10
Death and Taxes 9
Jund 8
Stoneblade 8
Omni-Tell 7
Shardless BUG 5
RUG Delver 5
Dredge 4
Imperial Painter 4
Junk 3
Reanimator 3
Belcher 3
"Farmville" 2
BUG Control 2
Lands 2
Maverick 2
Nic Fit 2
UR Delver 2

BUG Delver leads the way, and that's not the only Delver deck out there. Including the Blue-White-Red Stoneblade/Delver hybrid as well as RUG Delver and Blue-Red Delver, they account for almost a quarter of the field. Similarly, the various versions of Stoneblade make up more than 16% of the metagame. Miracles, though in second place in the above table, can claim only half of that.

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