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Posted in Event Coverage on July 17, 2011

By Rich Hagon

Rich Hagon combines a deep knowledge of the players of the Pro Tour with a passionate love of the game. He's a regular commentator for Pro Tour and Grand Prix live video coverage, and is the official Pro Tour Statistician. He has been covering Magic events since 2006.

The Japanese coverage team here this weekend have undertaken the gargantuan task of typing all three hundred and fifty eight decklists.

That's a lot of Mountains. However, sometimes enquiring minds want answers on the spot, and that means turning to one of the many 'excellent' free translation software packages available courtesy of the internet.

Let's give you a neat example. Here's a Standard decklist:

12 《山》
4 《乾燥台地》
4 《沸騰する小湖》
4 《ぐらつく峰》

4 《ゴブリンの先達》
4 《トゲ撃ちの古老》
4 《渋面の溶岩使い》
4 《ゴブリンの奇襲隊》
4 《燃えさし運び》
2 《ゴブリンの戦煽り》
-クリーチャー(22)- 4 《稲妻》
4 《ゴブリンの手投げ弾》
1 《壊滅的な召喚》
4 《燃え上がる憤怒の祭殿》
1 《槌のコス》
-呪文(14)- 3 《躁の蛮人》
2 《ヴァルショクの難民》
2 《焼却》
4 《四肢切断》
2 《反逆の行動》
2 《魔力のとげ》

How's that working for you? I must admit, I'm struggling. So now here's the same decklist run through the 'global translator':

12 The Mountain
4 The Dry Plateau
4 The Small Lake Which Boils
4 The Peak Which Is Shaken
4 The Precursor Of Goburin
4 The Patriarch Of The Toge Shooting
4 The Lava Of The Tannin Surface To Use
4 Sudden Attack Party Of Goburin
4 The Cinders To Carry
2 Game Of Goburin It Fans
4 Lightning
4 The Grenade Of Goburin
1 Devastating Summons
4 The Shrine Of The Anger Which Burns Up
1 Kosu Of The Hammer

3 Person Of Crazy
2 Refugee Of Yuarushiyoku
2 Incineration
4 Quarters Cutting
2 Conduct Of Rebellion
2 Accomplishing The Bewitchment

The Small Lake Which Boils

OK, so let's start with the easy ones, the lands.

The Mountain is, er, Mountain.
The Dry Plateau is Arid Mesa.
The Small Lake Which Boils is Scalding Tarn.
The Peak Which Is Shaken is, of course, Teetering Peaks.


The Patriarch of the Toge Shooting

Now the creatures. Some of these are great names.

The Precursor of Goburin is Goblin Guide.
The Patriarch of the Toge Shooting is Spikeshot Elder.
The Lava of the Tannin Surface To Use is Grim Lavamancer.
Sudden Attack Party of Goburin is Goblin Bushwhacker.
The Cinders to Carry is Ember Hauler.
Game of Goburin It Fans is Goblin Wardriver.


Kosu of the Hammer

The spells:

Lightning is Lightning Bolt (surprise!)
The Grenade of Goburin is Goblin Grenade (surprise again!) Devastating Summons is...wait...
The Shrine of Anger Which Burns Up is a long way of saying Shrine of Burning Rage
Kosu of the Hammer is, naturally, Koth of the Hammer


Quarters Cutting

And finally the Sideboard. Some of these had me puzzling for a while:

Person of Crazy is Manic Vandal.
Refugee of yuarushiyoku is Vulshok Refugee.
Incineration is Combust, confusingly.
Quarters Cutting is Dismember.
Conduct of Rebellion is Act of Treason.
Accomplishing the Bewitchment is Manabarbs.



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