Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – Drafting With Liu Yuchen

Posted in Event Coverage on December 4, 2014

Liu Yuchen may not have trotted the globe for Pro Tours and Grand Prixes but he is not without achievements in the local arena. A widely-respected player among his fellow comrades, he has proven to be of superior caliber as he sits in Pod One of the second draft. Initially at a comfortable 5-1 record, he jokingly admitted to me that he was now having the jitters since the whole world would be watching his draft. I am sure he would not disappoint.

Booster One (New Phyrexia)

Liu was quick to decide upon Shrine of Loyal Legions over Volt Charge and was gifted with a second pick Chancellor of the Dross. He then opted for Gremlin Mine over Slash Panther and could not resist slapping Spire Monitor into his pile for pick four. He managed to pick up a couple of removal spells in the form of Parasitic Implant and an 11th pick Mortis Dogs which could go well in his Blue Black beatdown deck.

1st Shrine of Loyal Legions
2nd Chancellor of the Dross
3rd Gremlin Mine
4th Spire Monitor
5th Parasitic Implant
6th Gitaxian Probe
7th Maul Splicer
8th Geth's Verdict
9th Triumph of the Hordes
10th Loxodon Convert
11th Mortis Dogs
12th Ogre Menial
13th Ichor Explosion
14th Darksteel Relic

Booster Two (Mirrodin Besieged)

Having solidified in both his colors, he sought to strengthen his deck with additional fliers. Skinwing made a perfect pick and he managed to secure Spread the Sickness as his second pick, even if he had to pass Victory's Herald for it. He said it was not worth it to switch gears for a card that that is never splashable. His forth pick was not easy either, as he was greeted with a truckload of candy. Between Peace Strider, Morbid Plunder, Serum Raker and Strandwalker, he eventually decided on the Living Weapon. Two Steel Sabotages and a Quicksilver Geyser rounded up his picks for the second booster.

1st Skinwing
2nd Spread the Sickness
3rd Steel Sabotage
4th Strandwalker
5th Gust-Skimmer
6th Quicksilver Geyser
7th Virulent Wound
8th Viridian Emissary
9th Pistus Strike
10th Steel Sabotage
11th Flensermite
12th Spire Serpent
13th Turn the Tide
14th Horrifying Revelation

A Solid Game Plan?

Booster Three (Scars of Mirrodin)

Liu opened a weak booster containing only Asceticism and Slice in Twain as relevant picks and he had to settle for a lowly Iron Myr. This was only the beginning of his misfortune as he was forced to ship another two copies of Slice in Twain along with Ezuri's Brigade and picking up more critters along the way. With three Myrs now in his pile, he needed some win conditions to accelerate into and at the end of the Scars of Mirrodin booster, he was able to pick up three copies of Scrapdiver Serpent. When questioned, he mentioned that the Slice in Twains weren't particularly good against him and it was the least of his worries.

1st Iron Myr
2nd Neurok Invisimancer
3rd Leaden Myr
4th Silver Myr
5th Necrogen Scudder
6th Moriok Reaver
7th Scrapdiver Serpent
8th Clone Shell
9th Scrapdiver Serpent
10th Blackcleave Cliffs
11th Scrapdiver Serpent
12th Shape Anew
13th Liquimetal Coating
14th Whitesun's Passage

I asked him if he felt optimistic about his chances to win out with this deck and he VERY promptly replied that it was virtually impossible. "Its a 1-2 deck. 2-1 at best. I would be extremely happy if I achieved that." Somewhat embarrassed to be playing with two Scrapdiver Serpents with the possibility to sideboard in a third copy, he naturally tried to shy away from the camera, to the amusement of the crowd. We wish Liu the best of luck as he enters round eight.

Smile! You're on candid camera!

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