Super Sunday Series Championship
Final Standings

Posted in Event Coverage on February 9, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

1(12) Turenwald, Owen$6,000
2(13) Mihara, Makihito$3,000
3Robdrup, Andrew$1,500
4Grüber, Klaas$1,500
5Yim, Chi Hoi$1,000
6gao, tan$1,000
7Mayer, Manuel F$1,000
8Luna, Javier A$1,000
9Kotouge, Tatsuya$500
10Sha, Chris$500
11Wielgorski, Daniel$500
12Riphat, Aziz$500
13Thompson, Jesse$500
14Girard, Andre$500
15Corenstein, Fernando$500
16Kobayashi, Takahito$500
17(3) Duke, ReidBooster Box
18Baldinato, GiovanniBooster Box
19Okada, YoshikazuBooster Box
20Chong, Kin LeongBooster Box
21Gonzales, Roberto JBooster Box
22Miller, Colin JBooster Box
23Kronberger, NiklasBooster Box
24Pigeon, JeffreyBooster Box
25Saporito, ThiagoBooster Box
26Vargas Carreras, Juan CarlosBooster Box
27Avsec, AnzeBooster Box
28Surkamp, FlorianBooster Box
29Dominguez Roldan, FernandoBooster Box
30Moreno Morales, Francisco FBooster Box
31Shiels, DavidBooster Box
32Lewis, Aaron CBooster Box
33Bianchi, AlexBooster Box
34Šebela, AntonínBooster Box
35Boccardi, Anthony JBooster Box
36Jenner-o'shea, OliverBooster Box
37Feng, HansBooster Box
38Reichel-Dittes, ChristopherBooster Box
39Fleisch, Josh HBooster Box

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