Team Draft 4: Finland vs. Brazil

Posted in Event Coverage on August 9, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

Where should I start?

There are so many storylines for this round. That in and of itself is fascinating. This was supposed to a round without storylines. The finals for the Team Draft had been decided—USA beat Japan and Finland took out France—and although there was still a round to play it was largely meaningless. In fact, the American team was planning on rare drafting and then conceding to the Malaysian team to just be silly.

Team Finland had a similar opportunity this round. Actually, they had two opportunities. Yesterday, during the final round, Tuomo did not offer the draw to the reigning World Champion and eventually knocked him out of contention for the Top 8. Tuomo was concerned with getting as many points possible for the team competition. It put a stunning cap on the Swiss portion of the event and it left dropped jaws throughout the feature match area when a visibly shaken Carlos did not earn a Top 8 berth.

Today, a concession from the Finish team would assure Carlos enough Pro Points that he could lock up an Invitational spot. If his team lost he could be passed over for that spot in favor of Jose Barbero. It would cost the Finns nothing to scoop it up but it would cost friends on the English and Norwegian teams money and Pro Points.

Tuomo Nieminen was looking to crush Carlos's dream for the second straight day. "He is no more deserving of it than the other guy," explained team captain Tomi Walamies. "It is nothing personal against Carlos—he knows that."

Onslaught Pack One

Tomi Walamies Lavamancer's Skill Foothill Guide
Tuomo Nieminen Solar Blast Airdrop Condor
Pedro Motta Mistform Dreamer Riptide Biologist
Rafael Vieira Gluttonous Zombie Haunted Cadaver
Carlos Romao Undead Gladiator Wretched Anurid
Arho Toikka Complicate Mistform Wall

Onslaught Pack Two

Tuomo Nieminen Gustcloak Skirmisher Rummaging Wizard
Pedro Motta Severed Legion Haunted Cadaver
Rafael Vieira Cabal Archon Disciple of Grace
Carlos Romao Cruel Revival Renewed Faith
Arho Toikka Treespring Lorian Krosan Tusker
Tomi Walamies Erratic Explosion Slipstream Eel

Onslaught Pack Three

Pedro Motta Choking Tethers Backslide
Rafael Vieira Krosan Tusker Barkhide Mauler
Carlos Romao Cruel Revival Information Dealer
Arho Toikka Wirewood Elf Wirewood Pride
Tomi Walamies Death Match Crown of Suspicion
Tuomo Nieminen Grassland Crusader Charging Slateback

Onslaught Pack Four

Rafael Vieira Vitality Charm Fever Charm
Carlos Romao Daru Lancer Mistform Stalker
Arho Toikka Tranquil Thicket Feeding Frenzy
Tomi Walamies Daunting Defender Spined Basher
Tuomo Nieminen Shared Triumph Demystify
Pedro Motta Doubtless One Barren Moor

Onslaught Pack Five

Carlos Romao Goblin Sledder Airborne Aid
Arho Toikka Elvish Warrior Krosan Groundshaker
Tomi Walamies Imagecrafter Profane Prayers
Tuomo Nieminen Grassland Crusader Forgotten Cave
Pedro Motta True Believer Akroma's Blessing
Rafael Vieira Krosan Tusker Disciple of Grace

Onslaught Pack Six

Arho Toikka Choking Tethers Ghosthelm Courier
Tomi Walamies Nantuko Husk Headhunter
Tuomo Nieminen Crown of Awe Renewed Faith
Pedro Motta Secluded Steppe Riptide Laboratory
Rafael Vieira Haunted Cadaver Taunting Elf
Carlos Romao Threaten Charging Slateback

Legions Pack One

Arho Toikka Chromeshell Crab Goblin Lookout
Carlos Romao Smokespew Invoker Infernal Caretaker
Rafael Vieira Canopy Crawler Patron of the Wild
Pedro Motta Aven Warhawk Starlight Invoker
Tuomo Nieminen Wingbeat Warrior Macetail Hystrodon
Tomi Walamies Willbender Covert Operative

Legions Pack Two

Carlos Romao Gempalm Polluter Macetail Hystrodon
Rafael Vieira Needleshot Gourna Mistform Sliver
Pedro Motta Echo Tracer Wall of Hope
Tuomo Nieminen Stoic Champion Gempalm Avenger
Tomi Walamies Weaver of Lies Sootfeather Flock
Arho Toikka Branchsnap Lorian Ridgetop Raptor

Legions Pack Three

Rafael Vieira Timberwatch Elf Wirewood Hivemaster
Pedro Motta Echo Tracer Macetail Hystrodon
Tuomo Nieminen Rockshard Elemental Stoic Champion
Tomi Walamies Vile Deacon Gempalm Polluter
Arho Toikka Nantuko Vigilante Shaleskin Plower
Carlos Romao Crested Craghorn Aven Redeemer

Legions Pack Four

Pedro Motta Aven Warhawk Merchant of Secrets
Tuomo Nieminen Daru Stinger Goblin Grappler
Tomi Walamies Skinthinner Brood Sliver
Arho Toikka Timberwatch Elf Hundroog
Carlos Romao Crested Craghorn Embalmed Brawler
Rafael Vieira Vile Deacon Liege of the Axe

Legions Pack Five

Tuomo Nieminen Gempalm Avenger Whipgrass Entangler
Tomi Walamies Mistform Seaswift Crypt Sliver
Arho Toikka Stonewood Invoker Glintwing Invoker
Carlos Romao Skirk Drill Sergeant Flamewave Invoker
Rafael Vieira Sootfeather Flock Enormous Baloth
Pedro Motta Shifting Sliver Keeper of the Nine Gales

Legions Pack Six

Tomi Walamies Skinthinner
Arho Toikka Daru Stinger
Carlos Romao Skirk Marauder
Rafael Vieira Nantuko Vigilante
Pedro Motta ?
Tuomo Nieminen Cloudreach Cavalry

Scourge Pack One

Tomi Walamies Shoreline Ranger Brain Freeze
Tuomo Nieminen Aven Farseer Recuperate
Pedro Motta Mercurial Kite Temporal Fissure
Rafael Vieira Lingering Death Treetop Scout
Carlos Romao Scattershot Bonethorn Valesk
Arho Toikka Temple of the False God Decree of Silence

Scourge Pack Two

Tuomo Nieminen Frontline Strategist Mistform Warchief
Pedro Motta Shoreline Ranger Mercurial Kite
Rafael Vieira Ambush Commander Recuperate
Carlos Romao Lingering Death Goblin Brigand
Arho Toikka Wirewood Symbiote Krosan Drover
Tomi Walamies Chill Haunting Aven Farseer

Scourge Pack Three

Pedro Motta Daru Warchief Mercurial Kite
Rafael Vieira Forgotten Ancient Sprouting Vines
Carlos Romao Twisted Abomination Dragon Breath
Arho Toikka Claws of Wirewood Bonethorn Valesk
Tomi Walamies Unspeakable Symbol Coast Watcher
Tuomo Nieminen Torrent of Fire Zealous Inquisitor

Scourge Pack Four

Rafael Vieira Rush of Knowledge Ark of Blight
Carlos Romao Twisted Abomination Sprouting Vines
Arho Toikka Elvish Aberration Temporal Fissure
Tomi Walamies Cabal Interrogator Hindering Touch
Tuomo Nieminen Aven Liberator Rock Jockey
Pedro Motta Reaping the Graves Force Bubble

Scourge Pack Five

Carlos Romao Clutch of Undeath Dragon Wings
Arho Toikka Pemmin's Aura Fierce Empath
Tomi Walamies Carrion Feeder Dispersal Shield
Tuomo Nieminen Daru Warchief Spark Spray
Pedro Motta Dragon Scales Aven Farseer
Rafael Vieira Skirk Volcanist Scattershot

Scourge Pack Six

Arho Toikka Pemmin's Aura  
Tomi Walamies Shoreline Ranger  
Tuomo Nieminen Noble Templar Guilty Conscience
Pedro Motta Mercurial Kite Accelerated Mutation
Rafael Vieira Clutch of Undeath Elvish Aberration
Carlos Romao Chartooth Cougar Carrion Feeder

If Carlos was looking for revenge he might need some help. Tuomo had dominated the tournament all week with only three match losses in a staggering twenty one games. Over that span he had only lost nine individual games.

While Carlos's deck ended up being a spicy little number with gobs of removal, Tuomo's deck featured a pair of Stoic Champions and seven solid cyclers. The Finn had a good amount of his own removal plus he had Crown of Awe, which was going straight in the deck. That card was just one example of how the Finns felt the draft was lost by the Brazilian team. "They don't take cards away from us," explained Tomi. "I have an Imagecrafter and a Seaswift—they should not have let me get the Crypt Sliver, for example."

The Finns passed an Ambush Commander for the second time today and they claimed it was not the same situation. Tuomo took a solid card for his deck with his first pick of the pack. Not the same as letting the opponent get a highly useful card—like a disenchant or a tribal component--on the way back around. "Ambush Commander is good but its not like Jareth or anything," concluded Tomi.

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