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Team Name: Constructicons
IBC: Daver Gerstl
Extended: Chris Kelly
Type 1: Andrew Bonham
Masques Block Limited: Jeff Gerstl
Invasion Block Limited: Stuart Kovinsky

Team Name: Team Baumwifeldorf
IBC: Lucas Rusnak
Extended: Boyd Corliss
Type 1: Carl Winter
Masques Block Limited: Kyle Wilhelm
Invasion Block Limited: James Wilhelm

Team Name: Team Troll & Toad
IBC: Joe Weber
Extended: Rory Walker
Type 1: Dennis Spiegel
Masques Block Limited: Edward Fear
Invasion Block Limited: Chris Benafel

Team Name: Team TOGIT
IBC: Osyp Lebedowicz
Extended: Patrick Sullivan
Type 1: Scott Kasliner
Masques Block Limited: Adam Horvath
Invasion Block Limited: Dan Ksepka

Team Name: Team Egghead Games
IBC: Kenny Hsiung
Extended: Jason Means
Type 1: Alex Borteh
Masques Block Limited: John Kenny
Invasion Block Limited: Randy Wright

Team Name: Team Wizards
IBC: John Grant
Extended: Collin Jackson
Type 1: Kierin Chase
Masques Block Limited: James Lee
Invasion Block Limited: Elaine Chase

Team Name: Team Wechangedourname
IBC: Jason Jennings
Extended: Jason Rose
Type 1: Land Lucy
Masques Block Limited: William Bnescher
Invasion Block Limited: Sawyer Lucy

Team Name: The Village Idiots
IBC: Mason Greene
Extended: Blake Edmonson
Type 1: John Stevens
Masques Block Limited: Mark Demonbreun
Invasion Block Limited: Brent George

Team Name: Team China Cat
IBC: Ben Sowards
Extended: Ken Moser
Type 1: Cole Walsh-Davis
Masques Block Limited: Ben Valentino
Invasion Block Limited: Kent Kramer

Team Name: Team Sleep Deprivation Experiment
IBC: Yusef Saad
Extended: John Williams
Type 1: Mike Fitzpatrick
Masques Block Limited: Brian Gast
Invasion Block Limited: Steve Huebner

Team Name: Team Beatings
IBC: Ben Angel
Extended: Arun Sharma
Type 1: Andrew Just
Masques Block Limited: Ben Stoll
Invasion Block Limited: Cody Damm

Team Name: Misinformed
IBC: Skip Waisner
Extended: Doug Hecker
Type 1: Mark Swenholt
Masques Block Limited: Bob Rademaker
Invasion Block Limited: Brian Roberts

Team Name: Return of the Moops
IBC: Mike Gumbinger
Extended: David Matyaz
Type 1: Robb Childs
Masques Block Limited: Lance Houghton
Invasion Block Limited: Ben Throm

Team Name: Fighting Tong
IBC: Adam Minniear
Extended: David Harris
Type 1: Matthew Farney
Masques Block Limited: Brendan Bullock
Invasion Block Limited: Charles Horn

Team Name: Mister Sorry
IBC: Jeremy Darling
Extended: Ben Morgan
Type 1: Nick Eisel
Masques Block Limited: Frank Scarber
Invasion Block Limited: Andy Clautice

Team Name: The Wet Ones
IBC: Elliot Selfridge
Extended: Adam Maffei
Type 1: Paul Sekeras
Masques Block Limited: Matt Bodesheim
Invasion Block Limited: Ron Kotwica

Team Name: Cider Coalition
IBC: Paul Dean
Extended: Nicholas Simpson
Type 1: Stephen Burkey
Masques Block Limited: Tristan Whited
Invasion Block Limited: Joshua Casper

Team Name: Wild Research
IBC: Scott McMullen
Extended: Max McGuffin
Type 1: Walter Hengely
Masques Block Limited: Derek McClasky
Invasion Block Limited: Elizabeth Lempicki

Team Name: Alex's Droogs
IBC: Brian Barrett
Extended: Kenneth Whitworth
Type 1: Chris Pate
Masques Block Limited: Matthew Snead
Invasion Block Limited: Rodney Fear

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