Third-Place Playoff: Andrew Bennett vs Maitland Cameron

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Pip Hunn

Bennett led play with a pair of Vault Skirges and a Memnite. When Bennett tried a Steel Overseer, Cameron declared he'd had enough, and cast Day of Judgment. Bennett rebuilt with another Steel Overseer and a Porcelain Legionnaire. Cameron cast a second Day of Judgment, and Bennett summoned a third Overseer. "One day, I'll get that dude", Cameron muttered, summoning a Gideon Jura.

Bennett cast a Glint Hawk Idol and a Memnite, then activated his Seer, leaving Gideon unattacked. Cameron Assassinated the Overseer and used an Oblivion Ring to remove the Idol. Bennett had a Spellskite but no further action.

Cameron cast a Jace Beleren, and Gideon Jura began to dominate the board. Without a third land or an answer to the imposing pair of Planeswalkers, Bennett conceded.

Cameron 1 – Bennett 0

Bennett played a land and passed, then immediately cursed. "I may or may not have had a one-drop," he said, shaking his head. Cameron cast a Spreading Seas on Bennett's Inkmoth Nexus as a Spellskite watched on. Bennett cast an Origin Spellbomb and a Steel Overseer.

Spellskite and another Nexus got their beats on, with the Overseer making the Spellskite more aggressive than normal. A Day of Judgment from Cameron helped stem the bleeding, but there was still a Nexus and a Glint Hawk Idol to contend with. Cameron's contention arrived in the form of a Pair of Planeswalkers. Elspeth Tirel and Jace Beleren were enough to power him to victory.

Cameron 2 – Bennett 0


Maitland Cameron and Andrew Bennett duke it out for third place.


Bennett powered out the gates with Memnite, Spellskite, Steel Overseer and Glint Hawk Idol, while Cameron stuttered on lands. His Oblivion Ring slowed the beating down momentarily, but it was to no avail. Bennett's robotic army rumbled in, and Cameron scooped up his cards.

Andrew Bennett 1 – Maitland Cameron 2

"Mother, may I?" asked Bennett, casting a Shrine of Loyal Legions.

"Oh, no, no, no," replied Cameron, showing a Mana Leak. Unfortunately for Cameron, he missed his next land drop, letting Bennett's summoned Steel Overseer resolve unmolested. It went on a Journey to Nowhere, while Bennett cast a Tempered Steel, making his pair of infectious lands look far more intimidating.

Cameron dealt with one with a Tectonic Edge, then summoned a Jace Beleren before Condemning the other Nexus. Bennett had a Shrine of Loyal Legions which was growing threatening, especially after he cast a second Tempered Steel. Bennett eventually activated the Shrine to summon a host of 5/5's, which stared down a Gideon Jura.

"Gideon dies?"

"Gideon dies."

Cameron cast a Day of Judgment, then summoned an Elspeth Tirel to join his Jace Beleren. Out of aggressors and empty-handed, Bennett extended his hand in congratulations.

Maitland Cameron wins the Australian Nationals 3rd Place Playoff and will represent Australia at Worlds in San Francisco.

Maitland Cameron 3 – Andrew Bennett 1

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