Top 4 Introduction

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Grand Prix DC has finally been reduced to a Final Four!

The first two teams were assured a spot before they even sat down for the final draft of the Swiss rounds. Re-Elect Gore (Jon Finkel, Brian Kibler, and Eric Froehlich) not only made a political statement but declared themselves as viable candidates for Seattle when they drew into the elimination bracket with Thaaaat's Me (Chris Fennell, Bill Stead, and Charles Gindy).

The last two spots were up for grabs among a clumping of 8-2 teams and the 9-1 Your Move Games/Illuminati squad. After 9-0 start there was an outside chance that the Rob Dougherty-led squad would miss the cut after falling to Re-Elect Gore in the previous round. They were paired with Aquamoebas Anonymous (Jon Stern, Steven Wolfman, Nicholas Leary) who were looking to hi-jack YMG's tiebreakers to climb into one of the last two spots.

YMG offered the draw to the Canadian team after soundly trouncing them 3-0. They were a lock no matter what happened and gave the Aquamoebas an extra point to climb up the standings. The resulting draw meant that one team at 9-2 would make it in. When the dust settled a jubilant Shenanigans (Osyp Lebedowicz, Patrick Sullivan, and Adam Horvath) advanced to square off with Your Move Games/Illuminati in the latest installment of the ongoing CMU/TOGIT and YMG rivalry.

The rest of the teams were left to jockey for position for the Pro Tour invites that would likely get passed down and maximize their prize payout. Chicken Sandwiches (Dave Chung, John Fiorello, and Steven Cohen) was the one team that was not overly concerned with their position. As the only amateur team to make Day Two they were already assured of a $1,500 payday from the moment they cruised in the doors this morning.

Stay tuned for the final drafts of the weekend as we finally crown a Grand Prix DC champion.

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