Top 4: Isaac Egan vs Luis Scott-Vargas

Posted in Event Coverage on October 10, 2010

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

After thrashing Masayasu Tanahashi 2 – 0 in under a few minutes in the quarter finals, Isaac Egan's wheels fell off as he mulliganed to four in the semifinals. Luis Scott-Vargas powered out a Grand Architect and a Perilous Myr, while Egan got in some beats with a Carapace Forger and a Sylvok Replica. However, Egan was quickly out of gas while LSV flew over the top with a Kuldotha Phoenix, while a trinket Mage helped a Chrome Steed go large. Egan agonized over his blocks, but couldn't hold back the army for long.

LSV 1 – Egan 0

Egan's Contagion Clasp took out LSV's turn two Copper Myr, while both players got started on their quest for metalcraft, LSV for Vedalken Certarch and Egan for Carapace Forger. Egan got there first with Liquimetal Coating, while LSV missed his fifth land drop. An Instill Infection targeting LSV's Darksteel Myr was thwarted by Stoic Rebuttal, and with a sigh, Egan turned one of LSV's Mountains into an artifact, before destroying it with a Sylvok Replica. Unconcerned, LSV drew another Mountain off the top and summoned his Grand Architect and a Flight Spellbomb, achieving metalcraft. Egan found and summoned an Ezuri's Brigade to go with his Forger, also well and truly metalcraft'd up, but LSV's Certarch kept the Brigade tapped down, while the Darksteel Myr ensured Egan was getting no damage through any time soon. Soliton joined LSV's team, while Egan summoned a Carnifex Demon.

With the help of the Architect, LSV cast a Contagion Engine. Between that and the Demon, both players cleared the table of everything bar the Demon, with one -1/-1 counter left in reserve. LSV cashed in his Spellbomb and found a Bonds of Quicksilver for the Demon, then summoned a Neurok Replica and a Darksteel Sentinel. Egan summoned a Myr Propagator, and got started apropagatin'. LSV found a Spikeshot Elder, while Egan attacked LSV down to 6 with his multitude of Myr. Egan then used his Contagion Clasp to power up his Demon, but that allowed LSV to kill off Egan's Rust Tick with his Engine. The Replica bounced LSV's own Sentinel, and the board was once again clear, except of course, for the tapped Demon with a pair of counters. Egan on 9, LSV on 6.

Egan found and summoned a Myr Galvanizer and a Carapace Forger, so LSV proliferated the Demon up to 4 counters at end of turn, and then passed the turn back with ten mana open. When LSV proliferated again, Egan opted to save his Demon and let the rest of his team get infected, and they were once again back to a stalemate. Egan could only summon creatures if he was prepared to lose them or his Demon to the Engine.

LSV summoned a Clone Shell, which died before its trigger could resolve, giving Egan a small window to summon another Forger. LSV summoned a Saberclaw Golem, prompting another flurry of proliferation. The Forger dropped LSV to one before dying, and was replaced by a Memnite. When that attacked, LSV proliferated the Demon up to 4 counters, and then tried to finish it with a Galvanic Blast. Egan saved it, but lost his Memnite in the process. LSV summoned a Kuldotha Phoenix, and Egan a Palladium Myr. Libraries were counted, revealing 6 for LSV and 9 for Egan. The Myr picked up a Barbed Battlegear and traded with the Phoenix.

Isaac Egan decks LSV to even the match at one apiece.

Egan summoned a Chrome Steed. When it attacked, LSV proliferated. The Demon shared a counter with the Horse, resulting in the Horse dropping to 1/1 and the Demon going up to 5. LSV pointed another Galvanic Blast at the Demon, which Isaac once again protected, and again losing his attacker. LSV drew another two cards before finally conceding to take it to the decider.

LSV 1 – Egan 1

LSV started out with a Perilous Myr and a Neurok Replica, while Egan had a Carapace Forger, Sylvok Replica and Rust Tick. A Leaden Myr gave Egan metalcraft, but once he again he couldn't attack through Darksteel Myr until the Tick had tapped both it and the Perilous Myr down. A Bleak Coven Vampires were countered by a Stoic Rebutal, making way for another Forger and a Contagion Clasp to kill off the Darksteel Myr. LSV replaced it with a Sentinel, but Egan's many attackers dropped him to 11. LSV untapped and once again cast his Contagion Engine, peppering Egan's team with -1/-1 counters. Egan began whistling nonchalantly and counting his lands out loud.

"Six for the Demon, and one more to…" and nodding. He then attacked with his team. LSV blocked, and sure enough, Egan summoned the Demon post combat. LSV attacked, and Egan let the Sentinel and a Soliton through to drop him to 10. When Egan attacked back with his currently 5/5 Demon, LSV lapsed into thought, before eventually electing to fall to 6. He untapped and once again locked down the Demon with a Bonds of Quicksilver. Soliton attacked and splattered (dismantled?) a Memnite, until Egan was able to reduce the Soliton to zero power, once again achieving the clear board state of game two. Both players settled into draw-go mode.

"Drew a card with the Spellbomb," LSV bemoaned, shaking his head as they worked through the motions.

Luis Scott-Vargas maintains the two-player lock.

Chrome Steed was countered by Halt Order, "yeah, draw another card!" Egan laughed. LSV summoned his Phoenix, while Egan summoned a Forger. Libraries were counted, 12 for Egan and 9 for LSV.

It looked all but over for LSV, until suddenly, he pointed two Galvanic Blasts at the Demon. He followed that up with a pair of Chrome Steeds, which in turn allowed him to reanimate his Phoenix. In the blink of an eye, a stunned Egan was out.

Luis Scott-Vargas defeats Isaac Egan 2 – 1 to advance to the finals of Grand Prix Sydney.

After the game, LSV revealed the Grindclock he'd sideboarded in with a grin. It looked like he'd had it in the bag all along.

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