Top 4: Jeremy Neeman vs Jacky Zhang

Posted in Event Coverage on October 10, 2010

By Pip Hunn

Neeman started the action with an Origin Spellbomb. Zhang summoned a Gold Myr, which Neeman matched with a Leaden Myr of his own. Ironically, both players played Myr of their opponent's colors. Zhang used his acceleration to summon a Tangle Angler. Neeman played Strata Scythe with three Plains in play. Zhang attacked with his Angler and cast a Contagion Clasp, killing Neeman's Myr. Then he cast a Blight Mamba and passed. Neeman summoned a Glimmerpoint Stag and blinked his Strata Scythe, further thinning his deck of lands. He passed to Zhang, who forced the Stag to block the Angler and attacked with both his creatures. Zhang ended his turn with four mana open, able to respond to any of Neeman's plays or proliferate.

Neeman equipped his Stag and attacked. Zhang proliferated, growing the poison counters on Neeman and his Stag before taking the damage. Neeman summoned an Iron Myr and passed. Zhang cast an Infiltration Lens, which is particularly powerful in conjunction with the Tangle Angler, which he swiftly equipped it to. The Angler demanded that the Iron Myr block it, then attacked solo. Zhang didn't realised that the triggers stack for multiple creatures, so when Neeman blocked with the Stag in order to kill the angler, Zhang only got two cards out of the deal.

Neeman cast an Oxidda Scrapmelter and took out the Contagion Clasp, and then passed, unable to effectively get past the Blight Mamba. Zhang equipped the Blight Mamba with the Infiltration lens, then attacked Neeman. Neeman balanced up the opportunity of killing the Mamba and letting his opponent out-draw him, and decided to let the snake through this turn, going to 5 poison counters. Neeman attacked with his Scrapmelter and the Stag and Zhang chose not to block, falling to 7. Neeman cast a Goblin Artisan and then passed, hoping to ride the powerful uncommon rapidly to victory. Zhang equipped his Infiltration Lens to his Cystbearer and attacked, and this time Neeman blocked.

Jacky Zhang won his rematch against Yuuya Watanabe to go on to face Jeremy Neeman.

Zhang played a second Blight Mamba and a Contagious Nim. Neeman cast a Blade-Tribe Berserkers with metalcraft enabled, and attacked with his entire team. Zhang was forced to block such that all his creatures died. Zhang scooped.

Jeremy Neeman 1 – Jacky Zhang 0

Zhang started with an early Infiltration lens and a Blight Mamba, while Neeman didn't have any plays on his first two turns. Zhang followed up after the Mamba with a Contagious Nim. Neeman summoned a Vulshok Replica, which eagerly blocked it. Zhang equipped the Lens to the Contagious Nim and attacked with both creatures, making either block unprofitable for Neeman., who declined to answer either creature, going to 4 poison counters.

Neeman summoned a Glint Hawk and a Vulshok Berserker, bouncing his Replica. Zhang attacked again and this time Neeman blocked the Mamba with the Berserkers, letting the Contagious Nim through for another 2 poison counters, bringing Neeman to 6. Zhang cast a post-combat Thrummingbird, the proliferator dangerous against Neeman's precarious poison total.

Neeman summoned a Goblin Artisan. Zhang's Throne of Geth was a little more powerful, bringing Neeman to 7 poison and killing his Berserkers when it devoured Zhang's Myr. Zhang attacked with all of his creatures, with the Infiltration Lens on his Thrummingbird. Neeman blocked, but the poison combined with more activations from the Throne finished him off.

Jeremy Neeman is not infected by Zhang's army.

Jacky Zhang 1 – Jeremy Neeman 1

Neeman led play with a Leaden Myr, while Zhang cast a Bladed Pinions. Neeman summoned an Auriok Replica and attacked. Zhang cast a Blight Mamba, but Neeman's Goblin Artisan was an effective racer. Zhang equipped his Bladed Pinions and attacked, missing his third land drop. Neeman fell took his first poison counter, but his return attack was devastating 7 points of combat damage. Neeman summoned a Glint Hawk post-combat, bouncing and re-casting his Myr. Zhang found his third land but there were four creatures on the opposite end of the board. Zhang summoned a Fume Spitter and passed, leaving his flying, first striking and potentially regenerating Blight Mamba home on defence. Neeman shrugged and Arrested the Mamba, then attacked with his entire team. Zhang blocked the Artisan and sacrificed the Spitter before damage to take out the Myr. Zhang fell to 6, then conceded when he didn't find any answers.

Jeremy Neeman defeated Jacky Zhang 2-1.

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