Top 5 Cards

Posted in Event Coverage on June 1, 2014

By Nate Price and Josh Bennett


5. Golden Hind

Green mana ramp decks were the most played deck on Day 1, and Bambi here is one of the big reasons why. Speed kills in limited, and Theros block is no exception. Golden Hind gives you a two-drop that can beat for two if you fancy hiring Nessian Courser on turn three, or jump you straight to powerhouse plays like Polukranos, the World Eater, followed by his good buddy, Arbor "Arbo" Colossus. Coming up in the common slot in a small set means he's going to reliably show up in your pool. Voyaging Satyr may have made a splash in Constructed, but swapping the power and toughness numbers is a huge upgrade in Limited.


4. Servant of Tymaret

"My best card has easily been Servant of Tymaret. I did 20 to people multiple times this weekend with just Servant of Tymaret triggers." - Stephen Berrios 2014

It's true, though. Servant of Tymaret did work this weekend. Regeneration has always been a powerful mechanic in Limited, and Theros block makes it incredibly apparent why. Big creatures kill people fast, and regenerators stop big creatures cold. On top of that, a 1/3 creature for three is an excellent barrier against decks that try to go horizontal rather than vertical. Journey into Nyx introduces even more one-toughness creatures to the format, as well, really helping the Servant to shine.

Servant of Tymaret is basically the ideal card for a defensive blue/black or white/black deck. You get an excellent defensive creature, capable of stopping big monsters and small minions alike, all while providing an inexorable clock and a way to help recoup any early life lost.



3. Fearsome Temper

If the Incredible Hulk has taught me anything, it's that I wouldn't like most people when they're angry, and Fearsome Temper can make anyone angry. One of the absolute best non-bestow auras in the block, Fearsome Temper provides an excellent increase in power for the mana spent, as well as a way to give aggressive decks a little reach in the end game. In both the Day 2 Swiss and eventually the Semifinals, Champion Tulio Jaudy used Fearsome Temper to fantastic effect, pulling victories out of seeming defeats. In the Semifinals in particular, he was able to take a match in which he was mana screwed against an opponent who was assuming control of the game and turn it into a victory because of the power of the Fearsome Temper.

Don't fear the reaper. Don't fear the beard. Fear the temper.



2. Rouse the Mob

Like so many of the Strive cards from Journey Into Nyx, Rouse the Mob's value goes up the more Heroic creatures you have access to. It represents so much sudden damage that its well worth an early pick to set the course for the remainder of your draft. Its power was on display in both of the semifinals matches this weekend. In Jaudy's Semifinal match against Lucas Esper Berthoud, Jaudy strove Rouse the Mob to hit three creatures, including a Two-Headed Cerberus, to effetively Plague Wind Berthoud and drop him to 4 life. Needless to say, Berthoud was unable to recover.

On the other side of the bracket, Cezar Choji was putting the screws to Armando Bulnes with a streamlined white/red aggro deck. In the first game, Rouse let his Akroan Line Breaker and Vanguard of Brimaz push a ton of damage past Bulnes's defenses and left him dead to any heroic trigger on later turns. In the second game, it was merely the overkill that got the game over with a turn quicker. Bulnes was already in dire straits against an Ill-Tempered Cyclops enchanted with Ghostblade Eidolon. When he let the giant monster through, Choji pulled the trigger on Rouse to end it right there.



Iroas, God of Victory AND Keranos, God of Storms

Like the saying absolutely does not go, "There are no atheists at the Theros Block draft table." This divine duo probably make most players' short list of cards they'd most like to open, and it's easy to see why. Looking at them purely as enchantments, their passive abilities radically alter the progress of a game. Iroas hits play, and suddenly you're priced in to turning all your monsters sideways every single turn, and your opponent is reduced to awkward and inefficient chump blocking. Keranos might take an extra turn to get going, but the effect is no less dramatic. At the absolute worst it will be a personal Howling Mine that draws you through a glut of land. Once it starts hitting spells, however, things go downhill for the opposition fast. The first bolt Keranos fires up almost makes up for the turn lost playing him, and the second one puts you way ahead. All of this was on display in the finals, with both gods bringing games to dramatic conclusions.

Of course, they have that second ability, the one where they become invincible killing machines as soon as your devotion hits seven, and both of them are good at helping you get there. Iroas keeps your creatures in play. Keranos keeps you fueled up. Take a godly beating once and you won't be missing any chances to pick up late Fade into Antiquities.

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