Top 5 Magic 2012 Cards from the Australian National Championships

Posted in Event Coverage on July 24, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

It's been an exciting weekend here in Canberra, where the brand new Core Set: Magic 2012 has helped shape the new Standard of constructed Magic. Here are our picks for the top 5 Magic 2011 cards from this weekend:


Grim Lavamancer

This fiery little Red one-drop has seen plenty of play in its day, and again this weekend, helping power up the Mono Red decks that have been leaving haphazard scorch marks all about the place. Grim Lavamancer played an integral part in both Wilfy Horig's and Luke Mulcahy's top 8 decks.


Oblivion Ring

This reprint may have arrived just a moment too late to keep Jace, the Mind Sculptor in check, but it was seen all over the show here, exiling anything and everything, from Planeswalkers, to Shrines of either Loyal Legions or Burning Rage, and even stooping to "just" eliminating any creatures they don't like the look of. Oblivion Ring helped Maitland Cameron crush Wilfy Horig in the top 8 by exiling Horig's tenacious Bloodghasts.


Solemn Simulacrum

The invitational card originally designed by Jens Thorén has had a renewed lease on life here this weekend. Helping ramp up those powerful Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks, and filling a very important spot in the Twin Pod list Aaron Nicoll used to win the main event. The affectionately named "Sad Robot" will no doubt see widespread play until it eventually rotates back out of Standard.


Phantasmal Image

Now here's a fun card. This new gem has been seen doing all manner of unexpected and tricky things this weekend. It may have been only a one-of in Nicoll's winning list, but it was a very key part of the powerful, and frankly over the top plays the deck seemed capable of. The drawback was especially minimal, given that if someone was going to try and kill a creature in this format, it would have been dead regardless. Yeah, two mana seems fair for a Clone.


Timely Reinforcements

And last, but most definitely not least, we have Timely Reinforcements. This is our number one card because not only was it seeing play in Standard, but players were singing its praise in Draft as well. National Champion Aaron Nicoll went as far as drafting one over a Merfolk Looter in his 3-0 Blue/White draft deck, and vowing he would do the same again every time, if given the chance.

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