Top 8 Draft: Andrew Mitchell

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By Sideboard Staff

sylvan might

First off, a quick list of his picks:

! <-Indicates a good pick
!! <-Indicates a great pick that will be discussed.
? <-Indicates a poor pick
??<-Indicates a blunder
?!<-Indicates a dubious pick (we'll discuss these too)
!?<-Indicates an interesting pick (and these)

(whatever is in these is his other choice)

acceptable losses !? (shelter)
sylvan might !!  
barbarian lunatic    
beast attack    
druid lyrist    
lithatog ?? (thermal blast)
timberland ruins    
barbarian lunatic ! (blazing salvo)
leaf dancer ?! (springing tiger)
barbarian lunatic    
druid lyrist    
timberland ruins    
springing tiger    
diligent farmhand    
dwarven strike force    
demoralize ?! (rabid elephant)
chainflinger ! (flame burst)
springing tiger ? (liquid fire)
chainflinger ! (firebolt)
howling gale    
epicenter ?? (gorilla titan)
setons desire    
werebear ?! (spellbane centaur)
leaf dancer ?! (spellbane centaur)
leaf dancer    

First off, Andrew Mitchell's great pick of the draft was Sylvan Might. This pick showed a fundamental understanding of the draft. Andrew situated himself in red/green between a black/white deck and a blue/white deck, which can only be good, and he received dividends later on.

Andrew' pick of Acceptable Losses over Shelter originally though is an interesting pick. It is the opinion of the reporter that Shelter is a superior card. Even so, it ended up being better that Andrew go into red, so the pick no matter what paid off.

Lithatog over Thermal Blast and Epicenter over Gorilla Titan are just pure blunders, since the cards taken are strictly inferior to the other options. But then again, this kind of pick fit in easily with a couple of other picks from around the table, such as the drafter to Andrew's right who wind milled a Balancing Act first pick. Andrew's choice of Springing Tiger over Liquid Fire also seems a bit off, though Alex Shvartsman agreed with the pick. Mike Pustilnik on the other hand tends to favor the Liquid Fire.

Then Andrew Mitchell went on to wisely draft a pair of Chainflingers over a pair of burn spells. In this new format, two point burn is a cheap commodity, while the lasting power of Chainflinger is a savage beating.

The main argument against Andrew Mitchell winning the tournament is the Leaf Dancer fiasco. Rather than take such cards as Spellbane Centaur and Sprining Tiger, Andrew Mitchell preferred to hedge his first round match, since he knew the colors of the player he was playing. In the Top 8 however, this seems like a flawed strategy, or at least a wimpy one. He got all the way here, so he might as well make a run at the title.

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