The Top 8 Draft: Complete Pack List

Posted in Event Coverage on February 11, 2007

By Event Coverage Staff

6A1 6A2 6A3 6A4 6A5 6A6 6A7 6A8
Empty the Warrens Spiketail Drakeling Temporal Isolation Grapeshot Bonesplitter Sliver Nantuko Shaman Corpulent Corpse Bonesplitter Sliver
Strength in Numbers Flamecore Elemental Think Twice Scarwood Treefolk Dark Withering Castle Raptors Viscerid Deepwalker Dark Withering
Errant Doomsayers Mana Skimmer Ashcoat Bear Slipstream Serpent Viscerid Deepwalker Gorgon Recluse Ironclaw Buzzardiers Viscerid Deepwalker
Corpulent Corpse Nantuko Shaman Urborg Syphon-Mage Gaze of Justice Ashcoat Bear Spiketail Drakeling Search for Tomorrow Ashcoat Bear
Viscerid Deepwalker Coral Trickster Cloudchaser Kestrel Strangling Soot Amrou Seekers Scarwood Treefolk Icatian Crier Amrou Seekers
Foriysian Interceptor Benalish Cavalry Thallid Germinator Fathom Seer Corpulent Corpse Orcish Cannonade Dark Withering Search for Tomorrow
Ætherflame Wall Blazing Blade Askari Sage of Epityr Molder Ground Rift Detainment Spell Ophidian Eye Jedit’s Dragoons
Detainment Spell Shadow Sliver Divine Congregation Children of Korlis Dream Stalker Psychotic Episode Watcher Sliver Savage Thallid
Thallid Shell-Dweller Ophidian Eye Mindlash Sliver Viscid Lemures Wormwood Dryad Sprout Thrill of the Hunt Ancient Grudge
Yavimaya Dryad Watcher Sliver Thallid Shell-Dweller Ground Rift Venser’s Sliver Ætherflame Wall Plunder Flickering Spirit
Urza’s Factory Quilled Sliver Firewake Sliver Tectonic Fiend Gustcloak Cavalier Fallen Ideal Ignite Memories Pendelhaven Elder
Premature Burial Firemaw Kavu Might Sliver Voidmage Husher Fungal Reaches Firewake Sliver Saltcrusted Steppe Phthisis
Unyaro Bees Phthisis Phyrexian Totem Sudden Shock Outrider en-Kor Nightshade Assassin Vampiric Sliver Foriysian Totem
Ovinomancer Greater Gargadon Draining Whelk Magus of the Jar Curse of the Cabal Wurmcalling Lotus Bloom Gauntlet of Power
Crookclaw Transmuter Prodigal Sorcerer Shadow Guildmage Jasmine Boreal Suq'Ata Lancer Psionic Blast Leviathan Dragon Whelp
6B1 6B2 6B3 6B4 6B5 6B6 6B7 6B8
Errant Ephemeron Savage Thallid Castle Raptors Errant Ephemeron Amrou Seekers Trespesser il-Vec Snapback Mana Skimmer
Scarwood Treefolk Gaze of Justice Drudge Reavers Flowstone Channeler Temporal Eddy Amrou Scout Spiketail Drakeling Durkwood Baloth
Orcish Cannonade Coal Stoker Temporal Isolation Herd Gnarr Mogg War Marshal Grapeshot Flamecore Elemental Fathom Seer
Amrou Scout Durkwood Baloth Crookclaw Transmuter Trespesser il-Vec Terramorphic Expanse Scarwood Treefolk Mana Skimmer Chromatic Star
Keldon Halberdier Coral Trickster Empty the Warrens Amrou Scout Drudge Reavers Slipstream Serpent Nantuko Shaman Looter il-Kor
Mana Skimmer Ivory Giant Strength in Numbers Sprout Thallid Shell-Dweller Gaze of Justice Coral Trickster Bewilder
Durkwood Baloth Thrill of the Hunt Errant Doomsayers Ætherflame Wall Jhoira’s Timebug Prismatic Lens Watcher Sliver Detainment Spell
Sprout Shadow Sliver Molder Pit Keeper Jedit’s Dragoons Ground Rift Thrill of the Hunt Psychotic Episode
Jedit’s Dragoons Bogardan Rager Venser’s Sliver Sage of Epityr Greenseeker Eternity Snare Plunder Sprout
Foriysian Interceptor Traitor’s Clutch Children of Korlis Divine Congregation Pit Keeper Skulking Knight Skulking Knight Ætherflame Wall
Plated Pegasus Conflagrate Fool’s Demise Volcanic Awakening Volcanic Awakening Locket of Yesterdays Skittering Monstrosity Locket of Yesterdays
Yavimaya Dryad Undying Rage Gustcloak Cavalier Chronatog Totem Phthisis Sulfurous Blast Basalt Gargoyle Tectonic Fiend
Undying Rage Phantom Wurm Firemaw Kavu Premature Burial Tromp the Domains Thunder Totem Phthisis Phthisis
Ancestral Vision Moonlace Magus of the Jar Spectral Force Bogardan Hellkite Sedge Sliver Stonebrow, Krosan Hero Trickbind
Fiery Temper Zhalfirin Commander Undead Warchief Celestial Crusader Tribal Flames Avalanche Riders Craw Giant Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore
  6C1 6C2 6C3 6C4 6C5 6C6 6C7 6C8
Erratic Mutation Shaper Parasite Erratic Mutation Mire Boa Whitemane Lion Dawn Charm Shaper Parasite Synchronous Sliver
Midnight Charm Dead // Gone Battering Sliver Utopia Vow Erratic Mutation Shaper Parasite Utopia Vow Giant Dustwasp
Needlepeak Spider Ridged Kusite Reflex Sliver Veiling Oddity Midnight Charm Cradle to Grave Spitting Sliver Dawn Charm
Shaper Parasite Battering Sliver Whitemane Lion Ridged Kusite Needlepeak Spider Giant Dustswap Aven Riftwatcher Stingscourger
Fury Charm Aquamorph Entity Midnight Charm Saltfield Recluse Dust Corona Vitaspore Thallid Stingscourger Whitemane Lion
Wistful Thinking Evolution Charm Ghost Tactician Shade of Trokair Vitaspore Thallid Deadly Grub Ghost Tactician Reality Acid
Citanul Woodreaders Pallid Mycoderm Wistful Thinking Vitaspore Thallid Dash Hopes Aquamorph Entity Keldon Marauders Deadly Grub
Sinew Sliver Brain Gorgers Dash Hopes Brain Gorgers Aquamorph Entity Firefright Mage Wistful Thinking Citanul Woodreaders
Vampiric Link Mana Tithe Mana Tithe Sunlance Seal of Primordium Fa'adiyah Seer Seal of Primordium Skirk Shaman
Brute Force Bog Serpent Primal Plasma Fa'adiyah Seer Gossmaner Phantasm Bog Serpent Sinew Sliver Sunlance
Saltblast Prodigal Pyromancer Vampiric Link Bog Serpent Essence Warden Merfolk Thaumaturgist Melancholy Fa'adiyah Seer
Dismal Failure Deadwood Treefolk Serra's Boon Darkheart Sliver Circle of Affliction Rough // Tumble Cautery Sliver Phantasmagorian
Frozen Aether Circle of Affliction Darkheart Sliver Rough // Tumble Deadwood Treefolk Psychotrope Thallid Mantle of Leadership Shivan Meteor
Radha, Heir to Keld Dunerider Outlaw Shrouded Lore Hedge Troll Reckless Wurm Keen Sense Riptide Pilferer Harmonize
Whitemane Lion Spellshift Crovax, Ascendant Hero Wild Pair Magus of the Library Life and Limb Roiling Horror Imp's Mischief

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