Top 8 Draft: Jimmy Öman

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Ben Ronaldson

The Final Draft Pod

Set 1 (Invasions)

Booster 1 (Picks Boldfaced)

Kangee, Tower Drake, Repulse, Spite/Malice, Wash Out, Kavu Chameleon, Scorching Lava, Glimmering Angel. Well I think this pick simply came down to a color preference as many people I have spoken to believe that Spite/Malice might well have been the correct pick here. To his right Jos picked an Exclude.

Jimmy man

Booster 2

Shivan Zombie, Ancient Kavu, Kavu Climber, Mourning, Atalya (Samite Master). There was not much else in this booster to pick from, but his choice followed his first pick well. Jos: Probe.

Booster 3

Hate Weaver, Do or Die, Nomadic Elf, Zap, Razorfoot Griffin. This decision might well be construed as sending mixed signals to his left. Many people believe that Do or Die is the better black card if you are going to take the plunge and move into those colours. Jos: Vodalian Zombie.

Booster 4

Pouncing Kavu, Duskwalker, Kavu Runner, Kavu Scout. Again this was a tough decision to make as having passed a Do or Die to his left he might have done better to take the Pouncing Kavu and see if the green cards kept coming or not, seeing that it is a pretty good card anyway. As it happens Eivind (downstream from Jimmy) did in fact take both the Do or Die and the Pouncing Kavu and hence fell straight into Jimmy's colors. Jos: Shivan Zombie! This pick from the Dutchman was a crippling blow to the Swede as it left him drafting r/b in between two other r/b drafters.

Booster 5

Cursed Flesh, Phyrexian Battleflies, Obsidian Acolyte. Jos: Phyrexian Slayer.

Booster 6

Prohibit, Kavu Scout, Manaical Rage. Jos: Vodalian Zombie.

Booster 7

Serpentine Kavu, Hypnotic Cloud, Viashino Grappler. Jos: Wax/Wane.

Booster 8

Maniacal Rage, Thunderscape Battlemage. Jos: Kangee

Other picks: Recover and Skittish Kavu.

This is how the colors panned out after the first set of boosters.

Notice that five players in a row were playing r/b cards.

Set 2 (Invasion)

Booster 1

Phyrexian Delver, Shivan Zombie, Maniacal Rage, Power Armour, Duskwalker. To his left Eivind took a Lightning Dart.

Booster 2

Exclude, Ravenous Rats, Ancient Kavu, Backlash, Firescreamer. Eivind took a Nightscape Apprentice.

Booster 3

Rogue Kavu, Firescreamer, Urborg Phantom. Eivind also took a Rogur Kavu.

Booster 4

Zap, Llanowar Knight, Phyrexian Reaper, Viashino Grappler. Eivind: Vicious Kavu.

Other interesting picks:
Jimmy took Urborg Drake over Urborg Phantom. He took Aggressive Urge over Stun.
In this det of boosters he also picked up a Tribal Flames and a Phyrexian Reaper, but being third in line for black and red cards hurt him severely for these packs.

Set 3 (Planeshift)

Again, due to there being very few good blue cards in the boosters, Jimmy had to receive the left-overs from the r/b player to his right - Jos Schreurs. Jos managed to take a Terminate, Mire Kavu, Bog Down, Singe and a Slay from Oman.

Oman manage to pick up: Lava Zombie, Mire Kavu, Strafe, Caldera Kavu, Slingshot Goblin, Singe * 2 and Sinister Strength. Not a great set of cards in a set where red is meant to hold all the power cards.

All in all Jimmy did not manage to put a great set of cards together because he was surrounded by people playing his colours. Whether he could have avoided it or not is a difficult question though as the whole draft seemed to mould strange characteristics: 5 red/black players in a row and the only 3 white mages were sitting next to each other!

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