Top 8 Draft: Michael Pustilnik and Noah Boeken

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By Rui Oliveira and Mattias Jorstedt

These two top Pro Tour players sat down for another top 8 draft in their brilliant Magic career. Mike has a tough quarterfinal versus Canadian Ryan Fuller while Noah is playing against a virtually unknown Portuguese player: Manuel "I haven't slept in two days" Faustino.

Noah Boeken's first pick gave him a choice between a Scorching Lava, Kavu Chameleon or Sleeper's Robe. He took the Lava and then got a Agonizing Demise from a pack that included a Barrin's Spite and a second Sleeper's Robe! His third pick was a Soul Burn so he looked set in R/B. Then all hell broke lose.

Someone started eating every black. Noah got pack after pack without a single black playable card. He started picking green and red creatures shifting for the Kavu beatdown G/R deck splashing black for some removal.

Mike's first pick was a Fact or Fiction, from a rather weak booster, so he gladly welcomed the second pick Sleeper's Robe. His third pick was his best up to that point: a Barrin's Spite. Although Noah had taken a black card the Spite seemed to signal that Mike could dive head first into U/B. Although the rest of the first boosters didn't have any spectacular cards he managed to get hold of some solid cards: Recover, Ravenous Rats, Shoreline Raider and Cursed Flesh.

Mikes first three picks in the second booster were Probe, Recoil and a pretty good third pick: Tsabo's Decree. When he saw a Hooded Kavu in the forth pack he took it as an option for a third color motivated by the Urborg Volcano he picked earlier. Michael got a Vodalian Serpent an Opt and an eight pick Rainbow Crow as other playable cards.

Michael first-picked a Cavern Harpy in the third booster took a Nightscape Battlemage as second pick. In the third pack he had the choice between Crosis's Charm and Lord of the Undead. Wanting a good Creature with very good recursive ability he took the new Zombie Master. Some other playable cards he drafted was Lava Zombie, Hunting Drake, Sea Snidd and Bog Down. Michael ended up with a solid deck and some very good rares. In his third pack Noah got some good cards to complement his new strategy. He got a Thornscape Battlemage, Horned Kavu, two Quirion Explorer, Mire Kavu, Gaea's Might and a Darigaaz's Charm.

These two draft decks showed two very different situations: Mike had a strategy from the start and the table allowed him to pursue his objective while Noah was forced to change his main colors after he ran out of good black cards.

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