Top 8 Draft: Olivier Ruel and Ryan Fuller

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By Wizards of the Coast

So far today, Olivier has seemed to favor multiple colored decks - winning his first pod with a four color green deck featuring Treva, the Renewer, and Sabertooth Nishoba, and his second deck was White, Blue, and Black - he went 2 - 1 with this deck to make the top 8.

He was being passed cards in the first and third pack by Ryan Fuller, who prefers to play black. So perhaps this was an ideal situation for them.

Olivier opened a pack with Armadillo Cloak and Repulse, going for the enchantment. He was passed another Repulse anyway since Ryan pulled the amazing Reckless Spite. Ruel then picked up Exclude, and Galina's Knight, already cementing himself into Blue/White/Green.

He also picked up an Explosive Growth and a pair of Sunscape Apprentices in this first set of packs. Ryan added a couple of Dream Thrushes and a Sleeper's Robe. Towards the end of the picks when there was nothing left in his colors, he took a Quirion Elf and an Aggressive Urge away from Ruel, who would otherwise have gotten these cards very late - 11th and 12th.

Ruel is passing to Fuller in the second set of packs, and he takes a Harrow first of all to fix his mana. This gives a Reckless Spite to Ryan, who was already doing very well as he had found a Stalking Assassin in his booster. Next Ruel chose a few good creatures for his deck - Thornscape Apprentice, Serpentine Kavu, and Crusading Knight.

This proved to be a very good set of packs for Fuller, as along with the two aforementioned spells, he got a Recoil and a Duskwalker. The two players seemed to be cooperating pretty well, although of course they were both playing blue.

Ryan's cards dried up a little, and he only managed to add Hypnotic Cloud and Opt to his deck, before being forced to take rubbish he wouldn't want to play - like Rith's Attendant. Ruel got a few more good spells though, a second Harrow sixth pick, an Angelic Shield and an Explosive Growth.

Olivier also seemed to get much the better of the Planeshift boosters - as he got two Sunscape Battlemages, Allied Strategies, and a few decent enough creatures. Also interesting was the fact that Olivier decided to take Draco second pick, although he was playing three colors, it will still cost ten even if he has all his basic land types out. Ryan's opening pack was weak, and he had to draft Phyrexian Bloodstock.

He decided to pick Flametongue Kavu second, although he certainly wasn't red at this point, and ended up splashing it into his final deck. He must have thought that he was creature-light, as he took Sea Snidd over Bog Down and Death Bomb. He added a second Snidd and a Volcano Imp to his deck as well.

Ryan's deck seemed to get very good early picks but they dried up quite quickly and he will be playing some bombs as well as some substandard cards. Olivier's deck looks like a pretty solid three-color affair.

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