Top 8 Draft Pack List

Posted in Event Coverage on February 15, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3 Seat 4 Seat 5 Seat 6 Seat 7 Seat 8
LOR - A1 LOR - A2 LOR - A3 LOR - A4 LOR - A5 LOR - A6 LOR - A7 LOR - A8
Thieving Sprite Cloudcrown Oak Gilt-Leaf Ambush Cloudcrown Oak Runed Stalactite Aquitect’s Will Skeletal Changeling Kithkin Greatheart
Kinsbaile Balloonist Oblivion Ring Moonglove Winnower Tarfire Inner-Flame Acolyte Smokebraider Hornet Harasser Mulldrifter
Whirlpool Whelm Wanderer’s Twig Kinsbaile Balloonist Wanderer’s Twig Neck Snap Nameless Inversion Deeptread Merrow Footbottom Feast
Boggart Loggers Hornet Harasser Inner-Flame Acolyte Silvergill Douser Pestermite Fertile Ground Goldmeadow Harrier Lowland Oaf
Adder-Staff Boggart Axegrinder Giant Peppersmoke Avian Changeling Leaf Gilder Moonglove Winnower Fistful of Force Lignify
Fertile Ground Woodland Changeling Paperfin Rascal Bog-Strider Ash Boggart Sprite-Chaser Plover Knights Eyeblight’s Ending Weed Strangle
Kinsbaile Skirmisher Lace with Moonglove Giant’s Ire Kinsbaile Skirmisher Tideshaper Mystic Fire-Belly Changeling Soulbright Flamekin Skeletal Changeling
Spring Cleaning Blind-Spot Giant Lairwatch Giant Spring Cleaning Elvish Handservant Elvish Branchbender Wings of Velis Vel Shields of Velis Vel
Blind-Spot Giant Exiled Boggart Spellstutter Sprite Wellgabber Apothecary Broken Ambitions Amoeboid Changeling Caterwauling Boggart Fire-Belly Changeling
Wellgabber Apothecary Ponder Spiderwig Boggart Gilt-Leaf Seer Cenn’s Heir Kinsbaile Skirmisher Goldmeadow Dodger Elvish Branchbender
Gilt-Leaf Seer Heal the Scars Flamekin Brawler Blind-Spot Giant Boggart Forager Lace with Moonglove Nightshade Stinger Amoeboid Changeling
Boggart Shenanigans Crush Underfoot Burrenton Forge-Tender Vivid Grove Lys Alana Scarblade Summon the School Nectar Faerie Goldmeadow Stalwart
Ego Erasure Guardian of Cloverdell Ethereal Whiskergill Changeling Hero Final Revels Elvish Harbinger Treefolk Harbinger Drowner of Secrets
Drowner of Secrets Faerie Harbinger Harpoon Sniper Wren’s Run Vanquisher Seedguide Ash Wren’s Run Vanquisher Flamekin Spitfire Thorntooth Witch
Favor of the Mighty Jace Beleren Cryptic Command Sygg, River Guide Cryptic Command Chandra Nalaar Knucklebone Witch Brion Stoutarm
LOR - B1 LOR - B2 LOR - B3 LOR - B4 LOR - B5 LOR - B6 LOR - B7 LOR - B8
Hurly-Burly Aethersnipe Gilt-Leaf Ambush Bog Hoodlums Fistful of Force Protective Bubble Aethersnipe Fire-Belly Changeling
Plover Knights Tarfire Hillcomber Giant Lignify Aethersnipe Nath’s Elite Tarfire Moonglove Winnower
Paperfin Rascal Herbal Poultice Streambed Aquitects Silvergill Douser Quill-Slinger Boggart Moonglove Extract Herbal Poultice Kinsbaile Balloonist
Dreamspoiler Witches Kithkin Greatheart Stinkdrinker Daredevil Oblivion Ring Surge of Thoughtweft Boggart Sprite-Chaser Kithkin Greatheart Inner-Flame Acolyte
Runed Stalactite Oakgnarl Warrior Nameless Inversion Quill-Slinger Boggart Cloudcrown Oak Oaken Brawler Oakgnarl Warrior Peppersmoke
Nath’s Elite Lash Out Battlewand Oak Bog-Strider Ash Tarfire Stonybrook Angler Lash Out Paperfin Rascal
Flamekin Brawler Blind-Spot Giant Nath’s Buffoon Fire-Belly Changeling Nath’s Buffoon Exiled Boggart Giant’s Ire Soaring Hope
Facevaulter Wellgabber Apothecary Faultgrinder Skeletal Changeling Caterwauling Boggart Ponder Dawnfluke Shimmering Grotto
Warren-Scourge Elf Gilt-Leaf Seer Rootgrapple Aquitect’s Will Tideshaper Mystic Heal the Scars Spellstutter Sprite Judge of Currents
Blades of Velis Vel Boggart Birth Rite Goldmeadow Dodger Kinsbaile Skirmisher Elvish Handservant Skeletal Changeling Black Poplar Shaman Lace with Moonglove
Cenn’s Heir Zephyr Net Wings of Velis Vel Spring Cleaning Broken Ambitions Shields of Velis Vel Elvish Eulogist Blind-Spot Giant
Kithkin Harbinger Flamekin Harbinger Entangling Trap Vivid Crag Battle Mastery Merrow Harbinger Faerie Tauntings Flamekin Harbinger
Briarhorn Thundercloud Shaman Makeshift Mannequin Jagged-Scar Archers Turtleshell Changeling Burrenton Forge-Tender Kithkin Mourncaller Familiar’s Ruse
Changeling Berserker Briarhorn Jagged-Scar Archers Goatnapper Goatnapper Ghostly Changeling Imperious Perfect Wizened Cenn
Ajani Goldmane Heat Shimmer Deathrender Boggart Mob Gilt-Leaf Palace Auntie’s Hovel Rings of Brighthearth Cloudthresher
MOR - C1 MOR - C2 MOR - C3 MOR - C4 MOR - C5 MOR - C6 MOR - C7 MOR - C8
Winnower Patrol Disperse Weight of Conscience Shinewend Burrenton Shield-Bearers Distant Melody Elvish Warrior Disperse
Seething Pathblazer Brighthearth Banneret Winnower Patrol War-Spike Changeling Shard Volley Game-Trail Changeling Sunflare Shaman Brighthearth Banneret
Final-Sting Faerie Weight of Conscience Seething Pathblazer Violet Pall Elvish Warrior Order of the Golden Cricket Weed-Pruner Poplar Weight of Conscience
Latchkey Faerie Winnower Patrol Final-Sting Faerie Distant Melody Dewdrop Spy Sunflare Shaman Stream of Unconsciousness Winnower Patrol
Lunk Errant Seething Pathblazer Latchkey Faerie Fertilid Earthbrawn Weed-Pruner Poplar Violet Pall Seething Pathblazer
Earthbrawn Final-Sting Faerie Lunk Errant Ballyrush Banneret Kithkin Zephyrnaut Stream of Unconsciousness Burrenton Shield-Bearers Final-Sting Faerie
Prickly Boggart Merrow Witsniper Shinewend Negate Bosk Banneret Shinewend Forfend Merrow Witsniper
Hostile Realm Morsel Theft Merrow Witsniper Prickly Boggart Prickly Boggart Festercreep Mudbutton Clanger Morsel Theft
Everbark Shaman Stingmoggie Morsel Theft Hostile Realm Stingmoggie Hostile Realm Deglamer Stingmoggie
Pulling Teeth Lys Alana Bowmaster Stingmoggie Everbark Shaman Festercreep Coordinated Barrage Ink Dissolver Lys Alana Bowmaster
Mosquito Guard Stonybrook Schoolmaster Lys Alana Bowmaster Pulling Teeth Deglamer Negate Coordinated Barrage Stonybrook Schoolmaster
Rivals’ Duel Sage of Fables Rage Forger Inspired Sprite Rivals’ Duel Nightshade Schemers Pyroclast Consul Noggin Whack
Bramblewood Paragon Stomping Slabs Oona’s Blackguard Release the Ants Stinkdrinker Bandit Walker of the Grove Sage of Fables Redeem the Lost
Research the Deep Cloak and Dagger Heritage Druid Daily Regimen Sage’s Dousing Graceful Reprieve Research the Deep Release the Ants
Idyllic Tutor Cream of the Crop Countryside Crusher Knowledge Exploitation Slithermuse Preeminent Captain Gilt-Leaf Archdruid Leaf-Crowned Elder

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