Top 8 Draft Packs

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Player 1 - NPH Player 2 - NPH Player 3 - NPH Player 4 - NPH Player 5 - NPH Player 6 - NPH Player 7 - NPH Player 8 - NPH
Shriek Raptor Loxodon Convert Viridian Harvest Immolating Souleater Loxodon Convert Maul Splicer Viridian Harvest Defensive Stance
Vapor Snag Evil Presence Sensor Splicer Leeching Bite Evil Presence Ruthless Invasion Sensor Splicer Leeching Bite
Immolating Souleater Scrapyard Salvo Flameborn Viron Dementia Bat Scrapyard Salvo Suture Priest Flameborn Viron Insatiable Souleater
Rotted Hystrix Forced Worship Toxic Nim Apostle’s Blessing Forced Worship Vault Skirge Toxic Nim Loxodon Convert
Suture Priest Viridian Betrayers Remember the Fallen Vapor Snag Viridian Betrayers Gitaxian Probe Remember the Fallen Evil Presence
Toxic Nim Spire Monitor Defensive Stance Blinding Souleater Vapor Snag Impaler Shrike Slash Panther Scrapyard Salvo
Scrapyard Salvo Slash Panther Grim Affliction Blind Zealot Blind Zealot Pith Driller Grim Affliction Glissa’s Scorn
Blind Zealot Grim Affliction Porcelain Legionnaire Mutagenic Growth Mutagenic Growth Mutagenic Growth Porcelain Legionnaire Pestilent Souleater
Glissa’s Scorn Porcelain Legionnaire Numbing Dose Gremlin Mine Gremlin Mine Artillerize Numbing Dose Furnace Scamp
Pestilent Souleater Numbing Dose Blind Zealot Porcelain Legionnaire Porcelain Legionnaire Geth’s Verdict Blind Zealot Gremlin Mine
Phyrexia’s Core Whipflare Greenhilt Trainee Vital Splicer Corrupted Resolve Reaper of Sheoldred Caress of Phyrexia Due Respect
Caress of Phyrexia Inquisitor Exarch Geosurge Whipflare Whispering Specter Rage Extractor Act of Aggression Dispatch
Mental Misstep Exclusion Ritual Dismember Dismember Shrine of Loyal Legions Master Splicer Entomber Exarch Surge Node
Phyrexian Unlife Phyrexian Ingester Sheoldred, Whispering One Phyrexian Ingester Spellskite Slag Fiend Surgical Extraction Chancellor of the Annex
Player 1 - MBS Player 2 - MBS Player 3 - MBS Player 4 - MBS Player 5 - MBS Player 6 - MBS Player 7 - MBS Player 8 - MBS
Master’s Call Crush Frantic Salvage Turn the Tide Ardent Recruit Razorfield Rhino Crush Kuldotha Ringleader
Frantic Salvage Blisterstick Shaman Koth’s Courier Shriekhorn Mirran Spy Turn the Tide Kuldotha Ringleader Loxodon Partisan
Koth’s Courier Loxodon Partisan Mirran Spy Crush Shriekhorn Loxodon Partisan Leonin Skyhunter Burn the Impure
Mirran Spy Quicksilver Geyser Blisterstick Shaman Kuldotha Ringleader Divine Offering Bladed Sentinel Spin Engine Leonin Skyhunter
Blisterstick Shaman Razorfield Rhino Training Drone Leonin Skyhunter Training Drone Rally the Forces Koth’s Courier Shriekhorn
Rusted Slasher Myr Sire Rot Wolf Banishment Decree Spread the Sickness Rusted Slasher Phyrexian Rager Myr Sire
Tine Shrike Horrifying Revelation Fuel for the Cause Scourge Servant Vivisection Spread the Sickness Rusted Slasher Horrifying Revelation
Pistus Strike Steel Sabotage Ichor Wellspring Oculus Viridian Emissary Vivisection Banishment Decree Steel Sabotage
Phyrexian Digester Dross Ripper Scourge Servant Ichor Wellspring Tangle Hulk Viridian Emissary Rot Wolf Dross Ripper
Spread the Sickness Phyresis Morbid Plunder Rot Wolf Priests of Norn Tangle Hulk Flayer Husk Phyresis
Viridian Claw Sphere of the Suns Kuldotha Flamefiend Sphere of the Suns Kuldotha Flamefiend Melira’s Keepers Treasure Mage Leonin Relic-Warder
Nested Ghoul Kemba’s Legion Vedalken Infuser Go for the Throat Vedalken Infuser Nested Ghoul Spiraling Duelist Into the Core
Pierce Strider Metallic Mastery Phyrexian Juggernaut Vedalken Anatomist Phyrexian Juggernaut Septic Rats Plague Myr Gruesome Encore
Phyrexian Crusader Thopter Assembly Darksteel Plate Contested War Zone Bonehoard Phyrexian Hydra Shimmer Myr Knowledge Pool
Player 1 - SOM Player 2 - SOM Player 3 - SOM Player 4 - SOM Player 5 - SOM Player 6 - SOM Player 7 - SOM Player 8 - SOM
Sky-Eel School Gold Myr Alpha Tyrranax Bladed Pinions Auriok Replica Plague Stinger Turn to Slag Bonds of Quicksilver
Silver Myr Instill Infection Glint Hawk Vulshok Replica Plague Stinger Blade-Tribe Berserkers Ichorclaw Myr Vulshok Replica
Blade-Tribe Berserkers Cystbearer Glint Hawk Idol Turn to Slag Blade-Tribe Berserkers Iron Myr Grasp of Darkness Turn to Slag
Alpha Tyrranax Shatter Arrest Perilous Myr Neurok Replica Vulshok Heartstoker Neurok Invisimancer Copper Myr
Shatter Moriok Replica Flight Spellbomb Alpha Tyrranax Flight Spellbomb Neurok Invisimancer Sylvok Lifestaff Molder Beast
Screeching Silcaw Flight Spellbomb Blunt the Assault Tumble Magnet Ezuri’s Archers Echo Circlet Necrogen Censer Soul Parry
Tainted Strike Blunt the Assault Fulgent Distraction Razorfield Thresher Steady Progress Stoic Rebuttal Melt Terrain Flight Spellbomb
Tumble Magnet Fulgent Distraction Kuldotha Rebirth Blistergrub Nihil Spellbomb Loxodon Wayfarer Loxodon Wayfarer Ezuri’s Archers
Salvage Scout Kuldotha Rebirth Disperse Whitesun’s Passage Dross Hopper Wing Puncture Golem Foundry Steady Progress
Razorfield Thresher Disperse Panic Spellbomb Scoria Elemental Melt Terrain Steady Progress Blunt the Assault Nihil Spellbomb
Trigon of Corruption Furnace Celebration Lifesmith Liquimetal Coating Golem Artisan Golem Artisan Vigil for the Lost Slice in Twain
Throne of Geth Trigon of Rage Thrummingbird Tangle Angler Oxidda Scrapmelter Oxidda Scrapmelter Clone Shell Bellowing Tanglewurm
Memnite Embersmith Dispense Justice Palladium Myr Embersmith Embersmith Ogre Geargrabber Myr Galvanizer
Mindslaver Myr Reservoir Elspeth Tirel Necrotic Ooze Strata Scythe Ratchet Bomb Copperline Gorge Asceticism

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