Top 8 Draft: Raphaël Lévy

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Olivier Ruel

Raphaël, with two Pro Tour Top 4 is one of the most respected player on the tour. However, it has been a long time since Grand Prix Lyon's champion has won anything, or even won money in a Grand Prix. Today has definitely been a good day for him since he went on 5/0 before drawing intentionally in last round.

Raphal Lvy

Before the final draft started, the Frenchman's strategy was to go on U/W/G. And he is probably very happy with this choice right now. What a good idea to take an Armadillo Cloak over Do or Die! He then picked Stormscape Apprentice, Sabertooth Nishoba, Plague Spitter (combo with Cloak), Sabertooth Nishoba again, Thornscape Apprentice, Glimmering Angel, Nomadic Elf.

Raphaël continued the demonstration of luck in the second booster, opening a Fact or Fiction and an Urza's Rage. Even if he didn't need this last one, he wanted to show his fans he could also open expensive rares. He then got Agonizing Demise (which he doesn't play), and Kavu Climber. This pick was the most discussable of his all draft, since he also had Power Armor, Glimmering Angel and Angelic Shield. He then picked a bunch of good creatures (Galina's Knight, Llanowar Knight, Pincer Spider, Nomadic Elf), and the so-hoped-for second Armadillo Cloak.

In the third series of boosters, everyone could appreciate the Frenchman's strategy. Since only few players drafted U/W or W/G, you could get all the golds in these colors if you played U/W/G. Indeed, the two Armadillo Cloaks, the Galina's Knight and the Llanowar Knight were just a beginning.

The "Hippopotamus master", who had already drafted Questing Phelddagrif in his two first drafts, called it back for the third time. He also got two Gerrard's Commands, Fleetfoot Panther, and let a first pick Silver Drake, over which he took Amphibious Kavu. He completed his deck with a couple of other Kavus (Stone, Alpha) and a Sunscape Familiar he preferred to Aurora Griffin.

In the end, Raphaël only played two Islands and left his black cards in his sideboard. This way, he should limit mana problems and he definitely appeared as a potential winner for this event.

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