Top 8: Luis Scott-Vargas vs Jarron Puszet

Posted in Event Coverage on October 10, 2010

By Pip Hunn

LSV started aggressively with a Spikeshot Elder, followed by a Perilous Myr. Puszet had a Necropede, which effectively held off both of LSV's aggressive creatures. LSV declined to block an attack from the Necropede, then activated the elder at the end of Puszet's turn for 1 damage. Puszet took the opportunity to Instill Infection the troublesome 1/1, then followed up with a Putrefax. LSV traded his Chrome Steed with the Infecting creature, then laid his own aggressive beater in a Kuldotha Phoenix.

Puszet summoned a Contagious Nim and a Moriok Replica. LSV had a Clone Shell, and attacked through the air with the Phoenix again, dropping Puszet to 10. Puszet bolstered his ground army with a Corpse Cur and found a Throne of Geth. LSV dropped a Saberclaw Golem and passed, leaving his Phoenix back to block for a turn if necessary. With Metalcraft active, the Phoenix would arise from the dead next turn unless Puszet could kill both the Phoenix and one of LSV's artifact creatures.

Puszet cast an Accorder's Shield and equipped it to the Corpse Cur, then attacked with the Cur and the Nim. LSV blocked with his Perilous Myr and Clone Shell, both creatures hitting the graveyard. LSV put an Auriok Replica into play, letting him bounce an Infect creature next turn as needed. LSV attacked with his Phoenix, dropping Puszet to 4 life, then passed. Puszet took himself to 2 with his own Moriok Replica, digging for an answer to the flying 4/4. He found it in an Acid Web Spider, but LSV calmly bounced it with his Replica and attacked. Puszet didn't have any tricks, so they shuffled up for game two.

Melbourne's Jarron Puszet faces down the one and only Luis Scott-Vargas.

Meanwhile, on the other Quarter-finals table, Jeremy Neeman and Michael Dao exchanged two fast starts in two games. Each took a turn in overwhelming the other with lightning fast starts. Two games were over before the coverage team could get to the matches, which says something about the speed of aggressive decks in Scars of Mirrodin draft!

Luis Scott-Vargas 1 – Jarron Puszet 0

LSV started the second game strongly, with a Perilous Myr into a Vulshok Replica, while Puszet was only able to muster a Nihil Spellbomb. Puszet tried a Blackcleave Goblin, but LSV had a Galvanic Blast to stop it in its tracks. LSV added a Vedalken Certarch and a Copper Myr to his board, while Puszet used a timely Instill Infection to take out the Vulshok Replica.

Puszet resolved an Acid Web Spider, but LSV's Certarch kept it out of the way, and his attack dropped Puszet to 2 life. With LSV's Flight Spellbomb and Soliton threatening an attack next turn, Puszet needed another way to deal with fliers. Puszet followed up his Spider with a Wall of Tanglecord, conspicuously tapping out all his Forests to do so but leaving a Blackcleave Cliffs open. Misplay, or courageous bluff?

"I guess that's one way you could tap your mana", LSV said. LSV tapped down the Spider, used his Spellbomb, and attacked with his men. Puszet couldn't block effectively against the Perilous Myr anyway, and died to LSV's attackers.

Luis Scott-Vargas defeats Jarron Puszet 2-0.

Michael Dao battles The Jeremy Neeman.

The third Neeman / Dao game was a little more balanced, both players starting with men on the board over the first few turns. Both players Red/White decks were built for quick games and low curves. Neeman eked out some card advantage with Spellbombs and timely Shatters and an Oxidda Scrapmelter proved the advantage in the mirror, taking down Dao's strongest men and letting him attack for the win.

Jeremy Neeman defeats Michael Dao 2-0.

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