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Seat 1

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Rabid Elephant Tireless Tribe Tremble
Chatter of the Squirrel Innocent Blood Tireless Tribe
Krosan Archer Ravaged Highlands Halberdier
Psionic Gift Aven Cloudchaser Aven Cloudchaser
Demoralize Afflict Morgue Theft
Refresh Rabid Elephant Rites of Initiation
Scrivener Aven Fisher Ray of Distortion
Blazing Salvo Chainflinger Fledgeling Imp
Aven Fisher Muscle Burst Crypt Creeper
Chainflinger Thought Nibbler Embolden
Dusk Imp Mad Dog Rabid Elephant
Spellbane Centaur Karmic Justice Savage Firecat
Nantuko Elder Sungrass Egg Execute
Mystic Penitent Sphere of Truth Think Tank
Predict Nomad Decoy Dwarven Strike Force

Seat 2

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Immobilizing Ink Krosan Avenger Ray of Distortion
Krosan Avenger Earth Rift Mind Burst
Timberland Ruins Tireless Tribe Angelic Wall
Acceptable Losses Mind Burst Whispering Shade
Dusk Imp Barbarian Lunatic Timerland Ruins
Second Thoughts Crypt Creeper Last Rites
Diligent Farmhand Shelter Leaf Dancer
Confessor Dematerialize Dematerialize
Coffin Purge Blazing Salvo Frightcrawler
Leaf Dancer Auramancer Embolden
Woodland Druid Afflict Nantuko Disciple
Divert Lieutenant Kirtar Mystic Crusader
Sadistic Hypnotist Vivify Druid's Call
Deep Reconnaissance Millikin Bamboozle
Aven Smokeweaver Overrun Rotting Giant

Seat 3

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Timberland Ruins Krosan Avenger Dedicated Martyr
Acceptable Losses Syncopate Abadonded Outpost
Seton's Desire Aboshan's Desire Whispering Shade
Phantom Whelp Pardic Swordsmith Moment's Peace
Dwarven Grunt Dedicated Martyr Firebolt
Werebear Mystic Visionary Dusk Imp
Peek Zombie Cannibal Hallowed Healer
Firebolt Refresh Druid Lyrist
Zombie Assassin Patriarch's Desire Thought Nibbler
Druid Lyrist Hallowed Healer Rites of Initiation
Escape Artist Elephant Ambush Pardic Swordsmith
Junk Golem Hint of Insanity Bloodcurdler
Chamber of Manipulation Deluge Decompose
Demolish Beast Attack Thaumatog
Concentrate Pulsating Illusion Liquid Fire

Seat 4

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Halberdier Psionic Gift Angelic Wall
Kirtar's Desire Demoralize Morgue Theft
Overeager Apprentice Chatter of the Squirrel Sacred Rites
Primal Frenzy Immobilizing Ink Overeager Apprentice
Rites of Refusal Tremble Simplify
Dematerialize Zombie Assassin Second Thoughts
Scorching Missile Cartographer Elephant Ambush
Auramancer Aether Burst Peek
Cephalid Scout Cephalid Looter Dematerialize
Reckless Charge Barbarian Lunatic Scorching Missile
Ghastly Demise Crypt Creeper Auramancer
Kamahl, Pit Fighter Aven Shrine Deserted Temple
Limestone Golem Animal Boneyard Balshan Beguiler
Battle Strain Frenetic Ogre Lava Blister
Sandstone Deadfall Gallantry Think Tank

Seat 5

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Immobilizing Ink Rites of Initiation Morgue Theft
Tremble Morbid Hunger Krosan Archer
Patrol Hound Rites of Refusal Earth Rift
Seafloor Debris Seafloor Debris Dedicated Martyr
Krosan Avenger Careful Study Mind Burst
Confessor Druid Lyrist Words of Wisdom
Dirty Wererat Escape Artist Mad Dog
Druid Lyrist Hallowed Healer Ray of Distortion
Second Thoughts Wild Mongrel Patriarch's Desire
Diligent Farmhand Aven Windreader Mystic Zealot
Repel Reckless Charge Wild Mongrel
Divine Sacrament Cursed Monstrosity Shadowmage Infiltrator
Battle Strain Rites of Glory Chamber of Manipulation
Millikin Soulcatcher Dwarven Recruiter
Overrun Diabolic Tutor Shadowblood Egg

Seat 6

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Dwarven Grunt Rites of Refusal Primal Frenzy
Sacred Rites Tremble Simplify
Patrol Hound Morgue Theft Dreamwinder
Morbid Hunger Springing Tiger Ember Beast
Moment's Peace Psionic Gift Kirtar's Desire
Repel Crypt Creeper Blazing Salvo
Barbarian Lunatic Embolden Auramancer
Ghastly Demise Words of Wisdom Zombie Assassin
Aether Burst Pardic Firecat Cephalid Scout
Scorching Missile Pilgrim of Virtue Firebolt
Pilgrim of Justice Last Rites Dusk Imp
Gravestorm Nantuko Mentor Krosan Beast
Centaur Garden Standstill Lithatog
Face of Fear Demolish Gorilla Titan
Cabal Pit Frenetic Ogre Barbarian Ring

Seat 7

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Patrol Hound Refresh Overeager Apprentice
Morbid Hunger Careful Study Primal Frenzy
Life Burst Woodland Druid Dreamwinder
Innocent Blood Touch of Invisibility Bog Wreckage
Primal Frenzy Wild Mongrel Angelic Wall
Patriarch's Desire Cephalid Looter Wild Mongrel
Hallowed Healer Pardic Firecat Aven Windreader
Elephant Ambush Pilgrim of Justice Reckless Charge
Rites of Initiation Last Rites Mystic Visionary
Ray of Distortion Leaf Dancer Coffin Purge
Fledgling Imp Ravaged Highlands Cartographer
Decimate Mossfire Valley Battle of Wits
Sphere of Law Psychatog Skyshooter
Minotaur Explorer Zombie Infestation Overrun
Luminous Guardian Diabolic Tutor Puppeteer

Seat 8

Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3
Ravaged Highlands Escape Artist Springing Tiger
Krosan Archer Patrol Hound Psionic Gift
Tremble Seafloor Debris Rites of Refusal
Tireless Tribe Life Burst Kamahl's Desire
Innocent Blood Cabal Inquisitor Cease-Fire
Fledgeling Imp Seton's Desire Thermal Blast
Rites of Spring Anarchist Patriarch's Desire
Scrivener Shelter Mystic Zealot
Aven Flock Werebear Fledgeling Imp
Werebear Peek Rites of Spring
Aven Windreader Firebolt Scrivener
Stone-Tongue Basilisk Cognivore Need For Speed
Sphere of Law Skull Fracture Sphere of Grace
Magma Vein Piper's Melody Dwarven Strike Force
Beloved Chaplin Diabolic Tutor Mystic Penitent

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