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Posted in Event Coverage on August 21, 2011

By Event Coverage Staff

William Dunn

Age: 23

Hometown: Canterbury

Occupation: Recent Graduate

Standard Deck: UG Caw Blimey

Record (Standard/Draft): 4-2 Draft, 6-0-2 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: Nothing of note

Best card this weekend: On the play, Turn 2 Beast Within your land.

Best Non-Magic achievement: Befriending Ed Hughes, Sam Stokes, JST and the Gravesend lot so they could playtest against me for this event

Dominic Penton

Age: 16

Hometown: Amersham

Occupation: Student

Standard Deck: RDW

Record (Standard/Draft): 5-1 Draft, 6-1-1 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: Err...

Best card this weekend: Shrine of Burning Rage (average 12 damage!)

Best Non-Magic achievement: I'm in the top 0.5% in the country at Maths.

Daniel Harborne

Age: 21

Hometown: Chesham

Occupation: Operations Manager for Nintronics in Watford

Standard Deck: Mono-Red

Record (Standard/Draft): 5-1 Draft, 5-2-1 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: 2 Games Day wins, 1 Games Day Top8. Scrubbing out with 3 Byes at GP Singapore.

Best card this weekend: Reassembling Skeleton

Best Non-Magic achievement: Epic failing at packing for this trip, and the best Cyrus Bales impression!

Tim Pinder

Age: 23

Hometown: Bristol

Occupation: Videogame Programmer

Standard Deck: B/R Vampires

Record (Standard/Draft): 4-2 Draft, 6-1-1 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: I qualified for UK Nationals twice before... along time ago. That's about it!

Best card this weekend: Nantuko Shade

Best Non-Magic achievement: Convincing everyone I know that I'm not an evil robot.

Jamie Hannah

Age: 18

Hometown: Manchester

Occupation: Student

Standard Deck: UW Caw-Blade

Record (Standard/Draft): 5-1 Draft, 6-0-2 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: Winning prereleases at Fanboy 3

Best card this weekend: Lurking Crocodile

Best Non-Magic achievement: Getting 40 points in my IB Diploma

Daniel 'Royde Rage' Royde

Age: 23

Hometown: London

Occupation: Software Developer

Standard Deck: Pete Dun's Nuts (Eldrazi Green)

Record (Standard/Draft): 3-3 Draft, 7-0-1 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: Won GP London

Best card this weekend: Emrakul

Best Non-Magic achievement: Knowing what a Chifley is, and working for over the summer. (shameless plug)

Kevin Blake

Age: 42!

Hometown: Leighton Buzzard

Occupation: Self-Employed Adviser

Standard Deck: UB Control

Record (Standard/Draft): 4-2 Draft, 7-0-1 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: Top 64 in GP London, some PTQ Top 8s... setting up Milton Keynes Magic.

Best card this weekend: Bloodghast – so good in the 4 mirrors I played

Best Non-Magic achievement: Marrying my wife Anna – it's still amazing she agreed to it.

Eduardo Sajgalik

Age: 23

Hometown: Bordeaux/Fontainbleau / Cambridge

Occupation: Community Coordinator

Standard Deck: UW Caw-Blade

Record (Standard/Draft): 4-2 Draft, 6-1-1 Standard

Other Magic Achievements: This is my 4th Nationals Top 8 (3rd time in the UK), 4th in GP Barcelona, Top 32'ed some GPs and PTs.

Best card this weekend: Gideon Jura in standard, Cemetary Reaper and Goblin Arsonist in the drafts.

Best Non-Magic achievement: My chemistry degree in Bristol, and living with someone special. Special hello and thanks to Seb/Ben at Les Gaulois du Magic and Inner Sanctum Collectibles.

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