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Timothy McKenna

Tim is currently a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. He has a few pro tour under his belt and an amazing day one record the past two years in LA. His day two record doesn't shine but he still made top 16 in LA this year. A strong player from the tristate area whose limited skills are honed in the money draft heavy northeast.

Bob Maher Jr.

The Great One as he is known to his peers has the most impressive resume of the people in the top 8. Winner of PT:Chicago 99 and GP:Seatle. His second place finish at Worlds 2000 clinched him the Player of the Year Title for the 99-00 season. Bob has had many consistent finishes and this top 8 should put him back in the Masters. Bob is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He would also like to say "hello" to his beautiful wife who may be reading.

David Rood

Dave is a prep school student from here in Montreal. He is the only amateur in the top 8 and probably the highest money finisher of the tournament. He is 17 and defeated a number of good players to make it to the top 8 here. Many of the Canadians consider him the best player in Quebec.

Peter Szigeti

Peter is an up and coming player who is more known for his antics than his play. His antics are memorable and his attitude is one great confidence. His recent win at GP:Turin with fellow top8er Clegg is a sign of what is to come from this young player from Beverly Hills.

Dan Clegg

Fresh off of his second place finish in the invitational in Cape Town, South Africa Dan has had another good finish. The only top 8 competitor who needed to win the last round to make it in he squeaked in at 8th seed. Dan has enjoyed some success on the PT with his team Rolled Up Aces as well as with Horse Thieves in Turin. Well known for being a thoughtful player he may have more unintentional draws than anyone else in Pro Tour history. Currently residing in Kansas City and travels to many GPs.

Brett Shears

Brett only recently began playing competitive Magic again. He is fresh off a win at GP:Denver and seems to be well on his way to a pro career with at least 9 points before the top 8 is over.

Louis Boileau

Louis is one of the more unfamiliar faces of the top 8 but he has a stunning start to his career. He has a top 8 finish in GP: Detroit and another top 8 here. This is impressive because they are the only two GPs he has played in. He also has a top 8 finish at Canadian Nationals this year.

Mike "The Potato" Turian

Mike is considered one of the best limited players ever. He has many strong limited PT finishes including a win at PT:NY00 with Gary Wise and Scott Johns as a member of Potato Nation. He also has an individual top 8 finish at Worlds this year. A strong favorite to win the whole thing here.

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