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Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Sideboard Staff

Mathijs van Wageningen

The unknown commidity in this top 8, Matthijs is one of the upstarts from Enschede who’ve been rocking the local tournament scene as of late. Having to 3-0 his last draft table full of Pro Tour regulars all the eyes were on the pro’s but Matthijs kept his cool and ran the table.

Tom van Ravestijn

The first player from Eindhoven to make top 8, Tom is a regular at the Tuesday night drafts often held in that town. Learning the ins and outs from Magic luminaries Jelger Wiegersma, Frank Karsten and Victor van den Broek he quickly stepped up his game to a top 8 worthy level. Cruising through day 2 on the back of his many Timberwatch Elves he was a fix for the elimination rounds after round 11 and comfortable drew in in the final round to end up as the number two seed.

Frank Karsten

Escaping the public’s eye until recently Frank’s been posting solid finish after solid finish in the last season with a top five finish at Pro Tour Boston and a 16th place at Pro Tour Venice. He quietly became one of the top players in the Netherlands and now he’s showing the rest of the world why Dutch pro’s have held him in such high esteem for such a long time.

Jelger Wiegersma

The third Eindhoven player to make the elimination rounds he’s easily the most well known player in this top 8. Posting good finish after good finish, keeping him at the top of the Player of the Year race Jelger is obviously a very talented technical player. Unfortunately, his draft and deck construction skills are a little lacking at times which is the only thing keeping Jelger from being in the same echelon as the Kai Budde’s of this world.

Alexander Witt

Masters winner, master splitter. Going in and out of retirement almost constantly this player from Amsterdam has a lot of skill backing up his game. He never bothers to test constructed formats though and this often cost him at Constructed Pro Tours and events like Worlds that have a large number of Constructed rounds. He went 3-3 in the Standard portion playing a self described “pile of shit” but he ran the draft tables finishing at 9-3 and in his third Nationals top 8.

Rogier Maaten

The one player from Tilburg to make it Rogier is not as well known internationally. He’s spoken of highly by both Frank Karsten and Jelger Wiegersma though, both predicting that he’d make top 8 at this Nationals. And he made it, piloting a strange UG Madness/Threshold hybrid to a perfect 6-0 record day one he was in the top 8 after 11 rounds where he’s going to have to take on Frank Karsten for one of the coveted Worlds slots.

Maarten Ferguson

The second player hailing from Enschede is a frequent internet user. When he ran across the Starcity forums and saw some people talking about a B/G Cemetery deck he immediately fell in love with the concept. He kept tuning it and eventually qualified himself and two of his friends for Nationals with it. After Victor van den Broek posted an article on the Sideboard about the deck Maarten took a lot of crap for his “collection of bad draft cards” but he put his money where his mouth is this weekend making top 8 with his own deck. He has to play a fairly standard U/G madness deck in the hands of Tom van Ravesteijn in the all important quarters so we’ll see how Maarten’s concoction holds up.

Frank van de Hanenberg

The only player to make top 8 with an 8-3-1 record, Frank went 7-0 before losing three rounds in a row to manascrew. He won round eleven though and drew in with Maarten Ferguson. Frank never games, not even bothering to show up to local ptq’s. He does make surprise appearances at random Grand Prix’s and usually does better than average, showing he does indeed have the talent to make this top 8 place justified.

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