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Posted in Event Coverage on June 24, 2001

By Matthew Vienneau

Royce Chai dominated the standard portion of the event going 6-0 with his fairly stock Fires deck. Splashing black and white for sideboard cards, Chai kept the Barbarians in the sideboard, with only the two maindeck Kavu Chameleons distinguishing his deck from the 34 others. But with almost 30% of the field playing counterspell-based control decks, it may have been the Chameleons that won him the day.

Tobey Tamber went 5-1 with a blue cantrip deck designed by Adrian Sullivan. Adrian played a similar deck at U.S. Nationals earlier this year and Ben Seck also played it here to a 4-2 record. Using a mixture of fast counterspells and cantrips the deck hopes to disrupt an opponent enough to get a Mahamoti Djinn or Thieving Magpie into play for the victory. Glacial Wall is critical against the very popular Fires decks.

Norrasuk Jumsai Ayuthaya played a black-red "Machinehead" deck to a 5-1 record. Using efficient black-red creatures to such as Phyrexian Scuta, Skizzik and Blazing Specter, this deck hopes to win off an early Dark Ritual backed up by Duress and lots of kill. Traditionally "Machinehead" suffers against Saproling Burst as it cannot deal with enchantments, but Ayuthaya got around this by splashing green to fight Fires with Fires, bringing Saproling Burst and Hull Breach in from the sideboard.

Despite Fires being so popular, with over a third of the field playing it, the final two decks to go 5-1 or better did not sport any forests or mountains! Jin Okamoto and Shuhei Nakamura both played blue-white Millstone decks that were only four cards different. While Okamoto played four Opt, and only 23 land, Nakamura went with two Thwart and 25 land. Using counterspells and Wrath of God, these decks hope to stall the game long enough and draw enough extra cards (with Fact or Fiction and Accumulated Knowledge) that they can use the Millstone to run their opponent out of cards.

Chai, Royce Ming Huang

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Tobey Tamber

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Sorcery (5)
4 Sleight of Hand 1 Wash Out
Artifact (1)
1 Tsabo's Web
Land (18)
18 Island
60 Cards

Norrasuk Jumsai Ayuthaya

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Jin Okamoto

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Shuhei Nakamura

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