Touring Wizards of the Coast

Posted in Event Coverage on June 16, 2011

By Event Coverage Staff

Before Thursday's utter carnage in the Modern format, the Community Team toured the Wizards of the Coast building.


How sweet! The Community Team got Mike Robles a birthday gift!



I was wrong. This is sweet!



There is sweet stuff located all throughout the WotC offices. This is a display just outside the reception desk on the fourth floor.



Magic in a bottle?! Delicious!



Checking out the dragon guarding the fourth floor spawned a decently long discussion about just how the heck it got in the building. Most people agree that they lured it in with promises of delicious cake.



Imagine, if you will, Whiffy dressed up as the Jester. Three years running, people just thought he was dressing up as a clown for Halloween.



This is like the Vatican of Wizards.



Check out the sick contents of Mike Robles's desk! An you name all the gamer memorabilia?



The things discussed at the WotC offices are nothing if not important!



Sometimes, you just want to hang with the Rock. Actually, always you just wat to hang out with the Rock.



We've definitely added a few more years to this! Thanks for all your support, Magic Community!



This is where the players check out the player psychographics on the wall and try to figure out where they lie.



I think we found the right one for LSV.



The Community Team gets a glance inside one of the War Rooms in the Pit. What cool future information are they going to come back with?



Behold, the future of Magic.



Oh look! It's new R&D intern Billy Moreno!



And it's the Dave twins, Humphreys and Guskin!



Mark Globus don't want no scrubs.



Needless to say, R&D did not get a love note from Giant Growth.



One last moment with the guys who make the cards before we head off on our tour!



Mark Globus, Magic Senior Producer, and our tour guide through the infamous Pit.



People always seem to love to check out the uncut Beta sheet, mostly because it's gorgeous!



I mean seriously, look at this rare sheet!



Whiffy taking some pictures with his new babies.



Everyone really seemed to enjoy their trip through the Digital Games department! I wonder why...



Oh hai, Worth! Worth Wollpert, in addition to facing off against the Community later in the day, was part of the team that answered all the questions the Commuity had about Magic Online.



Getting a nice group shot in front of the dragon has become a tradition at the Community Cup. Thankfully, no one was eaten.




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