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By Josh Bennett

crosis the purger

Brian Kowal walked into Day 2's second draft with a plan, and left with nothing less than a thing of beauty.

The Madison resident envisioned a five-color green build, and kicked off Invasion naturally enough. He early picked a pair of Harrows and collected a pair of tappers. Then things took a turn for the dramatic when he was faced with Crosis, the Purger. He scooped the bomb, jumping to the full five colors and happy that he could capitalize on his picks invested in mana fixers.

Little did he suspect what Planeshift had in store. Stratadon was cost-effective, Allied Strategies was amazing, but then Draco smiled at him. He smiled back. They agreed that Kowal's opponent, Ollie Schneider, would face untold elbows. The next pack was cracked, and teammates Mike Flores and John Shuler couldn't help but shout. On the table was no less than a second Draco. Primal Growth and Lay of the Land made sure that he'd always have the full domain.


Righteous Babe was downright giddy at the beating Kowal had in his hands. They laughed even harder as Flores hated a Smash away from the other team, protecting the franchise, which they had dubbed "Turbo-Dragon". Visions of the 9/9 flyer coming down on turn five filled their heads, and then no Smash was safe. They took one of them second pick, scoring a third before they were done, and giggled all the way to the deck construction area.

Kurtis "The Fat Man" Hahn, inventor of he 5-Color format to be used at this year's Invitational, said that this was typical of Madison drafting. "In Madison," he said, "you sit down at a four man, and Primal Growth doesn't make a lap. It's like being in an alternate universe."


But the proof, as we all know, is only in the pudding.

In Game 1, Kowal was ready for a turn-six Draco, but Schneider had a Reef Shaman messing his mana. He played Temporal Spring on the Shaman instead. The following turns went: Draco, Crosis, win.

Game 2 was likewise a beating. Kowal had the full domain on the table by turn five, and so dropped a discounted Stratadon. He went one better on turn six, playing Crosis. Next turn he attacked, and stripped four of Schneider's five cards with The Purger's ability. The game ended on turn eight.

And though Shuler dropped his match, Flores was able to maneuver his Hunting Drakes and Teferi's Moat to victory, earning Righteous Babe a spectacular match win.

Brian Kowal

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