Undefeated Sealed Decks and Short Analysis

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Eric Taylor

Here are the 7-0 decks. In looking over these decks I am surprised in how important it is not just to open up good cards, but also to build a tight synergistic deck. An unfortunate problem in Odyssey sealed is that sometimes you don't get enough good cards, however, there were plenty of players today with a more powerful card pool (I myself in round 3 played against someone who dropped Aboshan, Savage Firecat and Stalking Bloodstalker against me, all huge bombs). What makes these winning decks different is for the most part a closer attention to synergy than most, that is these deck builders have worked hard to ensure that each card in the deck interacts well with every other card in it.

Eugene Harvey

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Not a particularly strong deck, in particular notice the inclusion of both Frightcrawlers in Eugene's deck, not a terribly strong card, because he simply doesn't fliers or powerful creatures, so he has to use these for victory conditions.

Brad Swan

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Another deck which lacks the bombs you typically expect in a 7-0 deck, however with both the Cephalid Looter and the Cephalid Broker both very powerful searchers, and first pick cards in draft, at least Brad has the tools to find the cards he needs. Note the use of Peek, yet another cantrip for the deck. In his sideboard Brad has both Divert and Aether Burst, both cards many players would use over Peek.

Eric Froehlich

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Sorcery (1)
1 Upheaval
Instant (4)
1 Deluge 2 Peek 1 Elephant Ambush
Artifact (1)
1 Darkwater Egg
Land (17)
8 Forest 7 Island 2 Swamp
Other (2)
2 Aether Burst
39 Cards

patriarchs desire
Note how Eric splashes the tiniest bit of black for 2 Patriarch's Desire (and relies on his Looter and Broker to find his color if need be). Many players would be satisfied with a pure Green Blue deck and include instead Skyshooter and a Phantom Whelp (both in his sideboard). It's a general rule that you need to splash a third color in sealed while you want to go pure two color in draft. The reason this works is that sealed decks are a bit slower than draft decks so it doesn't normally matter if you don't get your splash color right away.

Bin Chen

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call of the herd
Bin has a lot of powerful cards, a brutal deck with Persuasion, Concentrate, Call of the Herd, green fat and even acceleration in the form of Werebear, and was lucky enough to find enough spells in only two colors. It would be easy to mistake this for a good draft deck.

Chris Lovelace

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nantuko mentor
This deck is pure beats. Fast and powerful creatures, with both Nantuko Disciple and Nantuko Mentor, the Giant Growths on wheels. Notice the Rites of Initiation, an extremely aggressive card, a possible mistake here is leaving his third Krosan Avenger in the sideboard, the reasoning is that it can sometimes be difficult to get to your splash color, so you don't want your splash cards to be situationally good, but no matter what, if the opponent gets a little bit behind, Chris' deck is sure to win the race.

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