Understanding the Day 2 Field

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By Wizards of the Coast

The Top 64 is an incredibly diverse field, but it is clearly dominated by one deck: No-Mar.

With almost a fourth of the decks in Day Two playing No-Mar, it is clear that this deck was a good choice for the field. The other most popular decks were a smattering of Red/Green/Blue decks similar to Dave Price's deck from Denver, Black/Red/Blue control decks with many variants, Green/Red Beatdown, and Questing Pheldagriff decks (some running Eladmirri's Call).

No-Mar's success in this field can probably be attributed to a lack of pure control decks in the field. The most popular pure control deck were the various Crosis-Go decks. No-Mar's creatures can be incredibly good against Crosis-Go, with Regeneration and Protection from Red providing problems for a number of Crosis-Go's answers, and Meddling Mage and countermagic give the No-Mar deck the typical aggro-control advantage in the matchup.

Crosis-Go was the big control deck of the tournament, with nine competitors continuing on with the deck. The most interesting variation is the Mexican Turbolobotomy deck, running 4 Lobotomy and other discard elements, bringing 4 players to day two.

Green-Red was not without its successes. Three players with either Green/Red or Green/Red/Blue were undefeated at the end of the day, with consistent beatdown pushing its way through a very diverse field.

DeckDay Two PlayersTop of FieldUndefeated after Day 1
RUW Jank321
Trenches Control320
Black/Red/White Control200

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