US National Championship Photo Coverage

Posted in Event Coverage on May 30, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Caption Day Category
Today, you can just call him The Man Sunday Players
Vanity Shot: Ranks, Franz and Harvey Sunday Players
Behold! The 2002 American National Team Sunday Players
Champion Eugene Harvey has quite a handful Sunday Players
Finalist Eric Franz gets a huge trophy Sunday Players
Andrew Ranks accepts his Third Place plaque Sunday Players
Quality JSSers Sunday JSS
Garfield hands an uncashable check to JSS Champion Edward Solis Sunday Players
An Iron Man Handshake concludes the game Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey veer Sunday Players
Franz is actually a delightful gremlin Sunday Players
The stress gives Eugene Harvey an intestinal disorder Sunday Players
Modern Thug Eric Franz Sunday Players
The Fight for Third: Andrew Ranks vs. Alex Borteh Sunday Players
Andrew Ranks surveys a Fact or Fiction split Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey defeats Andrew Ranks! Sunday Players
Alex Borteh is serene Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Borteh vs. Franz Sunday Players
Edward Solis, 2002 JSS Champion Sunday JSS
Richard Garfield bustigates, regardless of how it appears Sunday Players
The Handshake Sunday JSS
Solis's victory is just what the crowd wanted Sunday JSS
Preserved for Future Generations Sunday Players
Fans surround the pit, listening to the commentary styles of Pat Chapin and Randy Buehler Sunday Site
It's these catlike reflexes that have got him so far Sunday JSS
Edward Solis slumps Sunday JSS
A rare smile from the oft-serious Ross Anderson Sunday JSS
Alex Borteh is having a rip-roaring good time Sunday Players
Ross Anderson serves Sunday JSS
Ranks's Psychatog does its thing Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Ranks vs. Harvey Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey tries hard not to laugh at his opponent Sunday Players
Semifinal Action: Borteh vs. Franz Sunday Players
Eric Franz has the unnerving intensity of a prison inmate Sunday Players
Alex Borteh, thinking man Sunday Players
Mike Long shakes Alex Borteh's hand in defeat, and is none too pleased Sunday Players
Adam Chambers seems a bit of a grouch Sunday JSS
Matt Rubin can't resist Nightscape Familiar Sunday Players
JSS Semifinals: Patel vs. Solis Sunday JSS
Kush Patel takes lands over spells Sunday JSS
Anderson brings the noise AND the funk Sunday JSS
Solis's meek attitude conflicts with the sentiment of his red-green deck Sunday JSS
JSS Semifinals: Anderson vs. Chambers Sunday JSS
JSS Quarterfinals: Buch vs. Anderson Sunday JSS
Ross Anderson has a casual attitude Sunday JSS
Andrew Buch stops and wonders Sunday JSS
Quarterfinal Action: Long vs. Borteh Sunday Players
Mike Long prepares to swing Sunday Players
Borteh's grimace. Is it an act, or is he in trouble? Sunday Players
JSS Quarterfinals: Solis vs. Sullens Sunday JSS
Edward Solis deals with Fact or Fiction Sunday JSS
Forrest Sullens switches to a hoodie for the quarters Sunday JSS
Quarterfinal Action: Harvey vs. Rubin Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey rarely left this pose Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Ranks vs. Quelle Sunday Players
It might seem like it's all about the fast cars and flashy clothes for Blake Quelle, but really, it's about turning monsters sideways Sunday Players
Peter Jesuale dares Franz to try something Sunday Players
Andrew Ranks is simply unfazable! Sunday Players
Eric Franz has a bit of Lex Luthor in him Sunday Players
Quarterfinal Action: Franz vs. Jesuale Sunday Players
Michael Senger displays a familiar gambit Sunday JSS
JSS Quarterfinals: Chambers vs. Senger Sunday JSS
JSS Quarterfinals: Lecky vs. Patel Sunday JSS
Canada's Alex Lecky is serious, but hard to take seriously Sunday JSS
Adam Chambers is as real as the streets Sunday JSS
Kush Patel is an obelisk Sunday JSS
The US Nationals Top 8, eager to get on with the show Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Eugene Harvey Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Matt Rubin Sunday Players
The JSS Top 8 feels it's far too early Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Kush Patel Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Alex Lecky Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Andrew Buch Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Michael Senger Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Forrest Sullens Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Edward Solis Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Ross Anderson Sunday JSS
JSS Top 8: Adam Chambers Sunday JSS
Nationals Top 8: Alex Borteh Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Peter Jesuale Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Blake Quelle. He was told to "Dress up" Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Eric Franz Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Andrew Ranks Sunday Players
Nationals Top 8: Mike Long. Or perhaps some kind of Dan Aykroyd - George Costanza hybrid Sunday Players
No, Sol Malka didn't bring his own props Saturday Players
It's a madhouse! A madhouse! Saturday Players
Randy Buehler shows off an Alan Comer elephant token Saturday Players
Tangle. Really. Saturday Players
Gary Wise plays Angelic Executioner, ridding the battlefield of Evil Ed Fear Saturday Players
Gettin' ready to dish out some watery justice Saturday Players
Ed Fear holds a child aloft. Can you see the mischief in his eyes? Saturday Players
Laura Mills takes the challenge: Defeat The Creator Saturday Players
Cower in terror before the might of silly string! Saturday Players
Judge Sheldon Menery gets to accept a bribe for once Saturday Players
Live Action Magic brings you into the action! Saturday Players
Ladies and Gentlemen, Doctor Richard Garfield Saturday Players
The Top 8: 50/50 Surly and Smiley Saturday Players
JSS Feature Match: Rosales vs. Lecky, the Can-Am Challenge Saturday JSS
David Rosales is a natural intimidator Saturday JSS
Alex Lecky is all glory Saturday JSS
JSS Feature Match: Ross Anderson vs. Ryan Price Saturday JSS
Ross Anderson knows what he wants, and he goes after it Saturday JSS
Ryan Price's attention drifts Saturday JSS
Round 12 Bill Stead vs. Mike Long, playing for Sunday Saturday Players
Bill Stead just needs one more win Saturday Players
Mike Long zooms in for more info Saturday Players
Round 12 Blake Quelle vs. Joey Ellenberg Saturday Players
Ellenberg is more than just a corporate billboard Saturday Players
Blake Quelle demonstrates Finger Guard Saturday Players
And now ... Monkey Tie Saturday Players
JSS Feature Match: Gadiel Szleifer vs. Anthony Zueck Saturday JSS
JSS Feature Match: Forrest Sullens vs. Michael Senger Saturday JSS
Maximizing Fact or Fiction Saturday Players
The laziest thumbs-up ever Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Harvey vs. Ranks Saturday Players
Andrew Ranks leans in for a good old-fashioned stare Saturday Players
Round 11 Feature Match: Humpherys vs. Long Saturday Players
The Dave Humpherys 2000 runs its calculus to find the correct play Saturday Players
Eugene Harvey is unflappable to the point of immobility Saturday Players
Mike Long always addresses the unexpected calmly, and with a minimum of fuss Saturday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Steve OMS vs. Mike Long Saturday Players
Steven Seiter makes a difficult decision Saturday JSS
Victor Bitter appears to have earned the name Saturday JSS
JSS Feature Match: Bitter vs. Seiter Saturday JSS
Scooping it up Saturday Players
Concern easily gives way to bewilderment Saturday Players
The Side Events area bustles Saturday Players
Diligent judges crack down on sloppy decklist work Saturday Players
Lousy no-good kids! Saturday Players
Jensen takes one for the team Saturday Players
Mike Long isn't too familiar with these fancy new cards Saturday Players
Round 10 Feature Match: Pikula vs. Huey Saturday Players
SteveO gives the go-ahead Saturday Players
Pikula starts second guessing Saturday Players
Mental dexterity at work Saturday Players
Mike Long's deck is insane Saturday Players
Geddes Cooper makes the best of what he's got Saturday Players
The twinkle in Pikula's eye is like the pumping of the fist Saturday Players
William Jensen tries his rakish charms Saturday Players
Steve OMS feels everything worked out fine Saturday Players
JSS Feature Match: Patrick-Riley vs. Tietze Saturday JSS
Harrison Tietze may be small, but boy can he attack for two! Saturday JSS
Zach Patrick-Riley would like to Arrogant Wurm Saturday JSS
Huey and Pikula draft the booster. Pikula gives some sort of code-sign Saturday Players
Steve OMS and Mike Long are like two giant thunderclouds Saturday Players
Gearing up for draft number two Saturday Players
Judge Collin Jackson calls the draft with a velvet touch Saturday Staff
Gamers will throw down anywhere, anyhow Saturday Players
SteveO's habits revealed! Saturday Players
JSS Feature Match: Greenslate vs. Mansur Saturday JSS
Justin Greenslate wears his cap in a defiant manner Saturday JSS
Melyssa Mansur is photogenic Saturday JSS
Round 9 Feature Match: Finkel vs. OMS, the Rematch Saturday Players
Doctor Mike Pustilnik has hit a snag Saturday Players
Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz is reaching for the brass ring Saturday Players
All innocent, Jonny Magic Saturday Players
Chucklebucket Zev Gurwitz Saturday Players
Zev Gurwitz and Mikey P are locked in mortal combat Saturday Players
Round 8 Feature Match: Shvartsman vs. Lebedowicz Saturday Players
Mess with JSS Head Judge Elaine Chase, and you mess with her friends Saturday Staff
The diligent JSS Judges Saturday Staff
Round 8 Feature Match: Pikula vs. Kastle Saturday Players
Darwin Kastle casts a spell. Riveting. Saturday Players
Chris Pikula. Such a polite young man Saturday Players
Lebedowicz stifles a guffaw Saturday Players
Shvartsman puzzles over his grip Saturday Players
This might be what they call "The Hustle" Saturday Players
Some parents get swept up into the excitement of monsters. Raaah! Saturday JSS
The parents enjoy the luxury of a free tournament Saturday JSS
Just happy to be here Saturday JSS
Harrison Ruiz looking larger than life Saturday JSS
Contrary to what you might think, Danny Gigli is aware of what is on his head Saturday JSS
Christopher Conti shows his cool Saturday JSS
Eager underachiever Josh Tabak Saturday JSS
Toby Wachter interviews Invitationalist and Meddling Mage, Chris Pikula Saturday Players
Magic puzzles the older crowd Saturday Players
No less a man than Richard Garfield Saturday Staff
Selene Mansfield is ten years old, and plays like she's been practising that whole time Saturday JSS
JSS Feature Match: Mansfield v. Hatchel Saturday JSS
Tyler Hatchel's contempt makes it hard to go on Saturday JSS
Brian Phillips is distracted by something shiny Saturday JSS
JSS Feature Match: Phillips v. Kenney Saturday JSS
Bryn Kenney has the hardened glower of a dockworker Saturday JSS
Mike Long's patented million megawatt smile Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Long v. Jensen Saturday Players
Round 7 Feature Match: Turian has Phantom Centaur and Arcane Teachings, and Clegg has "The Grumps" Saturday Players
Dan Clegg realizes there's no way out Saturday Players
William Jensen is an innocent little cherub Saturday Players
Mike Turian clears a path for his unkillable beast Saturday Players
"Baby Huey" has somehow drafted more than 50% spells Saturday Players
Brian Kibler's draft is heavy on "smash" Saturday Players
Eugene Harvey has the goods, but still has trouble forcing a smile Saturday Players
Blake Quelle shows his saucy blue-white draft Saturday Players
Casting FTK feels exactly this good Saturday Players
In the background, Judge Sheldon Menery polices the lawless outlands of the JSS Saturday JSS
All the accoutrements of success Saturday JSS
This troublemaker bears a shocking resemblance to Keanu Reeves Saturday JSS
JSS Round 1 Feature Match: Holland v. Keller Saturday JSS
Brad Holland takes a relaxed and leery approach Saturday JSS
Eric Keller is wired with stress Saturday JSS
JSS Round 1 Feature Match: Tim Guarino v. Christian Charron Saturday JSS
The JSS is eerily similar to a Pro Tour Saturday JSS
Somewhere down there, history is being made Saturday Players
The concession serves what appears to be food, and does so with a smile Saturday Players
Bird's-eye-view of the draft. Name the players, win a prize. Saturday Players
From up here, it sure looks like chaos Saturday Players
Last year's rookie sensation, Eugene "Eubroken" Harvey Saturday Players
Huey and Kibler mull like it's going out of style faster than tie-dye Saturday Players
JSS Head Judge Elaine Chase gives the low-down Saturday Staff
Finding your opponent is just one part of the decathlon Saturday Players
Some JSS'ers need help checking the towering pairings Saturday JSS
Head Judge James Lee is flanked by his Brute Squad Saturday Staff
Your diligent Judges Saturday Staff
Some yahoo trips the light fantastic Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: A dejected Rubin vs. Benafel. Friday Players
Chris Benafel's glasses give him an air of intelligence Friday Players
Ben Rubin considers the Dark Side Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Wolf vs. Dougherty Friday Players
Round 6 Feature Match: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Mike Long Friday Players
Mike Long fighting hard for a return to the spotlight Friday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz: Dishevelled and disgruntled. Friday Players
Rob Dougherty's face betrays nothing. Nothing! Friday Players
Pro Tour - San Diego Top 8er Andrew Wolf Friday Players
Judge Collin Jackson dished out the justice last year Friday Staff
Round 5 Feature Match: Hegstad vs. Swan Friday Players
Brad Swan, up close and personal Friday Players
Hot Commodity Brian Hegstad unleashes a brutal green-blue draw Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Alan Comer vs. Craig Wescoe Friday Players
Craig Wescoe involved in Fact or Fiction somehow Friday Players
Alan Comer in utter disbelief Friday Players
Round 5 Feature Match: Jon Finkel vs. Steve O'Mahoney-Shwartz Friday Players
Steve OMS makes a perfectly legal life-total adjustment Friday Players
I ask you, is this the Jon Finkel of yesteryear? Friday Players
Darwin Kastle of Your Move Games Friday Players
Great Old One, Mike Long Friday Players
The Great Potato, Mike Turian Friday Players
Zvi Mowshowitz caught in mid-Neanderthal Friday Players
Neo-Hippie Brian Kibler Friday Players
US Nationals Head Judge and compassionate individual, James Lee Friday Staff
Everyone hopes to find the latest tech between Sideboard Magazine's covers Friday Players
rk Post, a study in beard-stroking Friday Staff
Sideboard Magazine is feel-good reading. Just look! Friday Players
Easygoing fun & games at table 80 Friday Players
rk Post poses with Jeska, Warrior Adept, shown on the cover of Sideboard Magazine Friday Staff
Even this early in their careers, some Magic players are humorless Friday JSS
Winning makes kids smile! Friday JSS
Pikula hopes it's as easy as it seems Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Chris Pikula vs. Danny Mandel Friday Players
An unkempt Danny Mandel Friday Players
Round 4 Feature Match: Sol Malka vs. William Jensen Friday Players
Huey makes his choice Friday Players
Sol Malka manages grace, poise, and unflappability Friday Players
Antonio DeRosa is cowed into humility Friday Players
DeRosa is a human caricature Friday Players
Dave Price gets uncharacteristic doubts about the right way to smash face Friday Players
Uncredited X-men extra vs. Homo Superior Zvi Mowshowitz Friday Players
Steve O'Mahoney-Shwartz needs to make the Team to attend Worlds Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: OMS vs. Turian Friday Players
Mike Turian just missed the cut last year, can he do it this time? Friday Players
William "Baby Huey" Jensen makes his intentions clear Friday Players
Kyle Bigos tries for "Stern but confident" and ends up somewhere in between Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Bigos vs. Jensen Friday Players
Round 3 Feature Match: Harvey vs. Benafel Friday Players
Eugene Harvey is far too relaxed Friday Players
Chris Benafel poses for a Picasso Friday Players
Toby Wachter illuminated, possibly from on high Friday Staff
You are here Friday Site
For some kids, this banner heralds lucrative college scholarships Friday JSS
Nifty doo-dads await the JSS Top 8 Friday JSS
Behold the JSS Open, in all its glory! Friday JSS
Smilin' Alex Shvartsman accentuates the lovely Florida scenery Friday Players
Maybe you can tell me what's going on here Friday Players
The artists get mobbed. In a good way. Friday Staff
Big Money! Big Prizes! I love it! Friday Players
A few brave parents try their hand at the game their kids love so much Friday Players
Life as a Nicholas Labarre impersonator is not as lucrative as one might think Friday Players
Artist Arnie Swekel shows of his Phantom Nishoba Friday Staff
Thomas M. Baxa and his undead masterstroke, Zombie Infestation Friday Staff
Round 2 Feature Match: Sol Malka vs. Laura Mills Friday Players
People's Champion Malka, stoic to the bitter end Friday Players
Mills doesn't like that Spiritmonger one bit Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Pete Leiher v. David Price. 1995 vs. 1998 Friday Players
Fire absolutely wrecks Dave Price's board. Conveniently, he has also been socked in the gut Friday Players
Pete Leiher competes at Nationals without the benefit of a sense of balance Friday Players
EDT forces a smile at his plight Friday Players
Round 2 Feature Match: Peter Szigeti vs. Eric Taylor. It's as ridiculous as it looks! Friday Players
Szigeti sashays into The Red Zone Friday Players
Jonny Magic and the Avalanche Rider pal around Friday Players
Head of the Olle Rade Fan Club Friday Players
Even the very young can know the glory of smashing the face Friday JSS
The JSS Open is full of young whippersnappers Friday JSS
Caught in the headlights Friday JSS
Beatdown rules the day at the JSS Open Friday JSS
This hipster yearns to thrown down with the big dogs Friday JSS
Hoodlums check out the Feature Match Area Friday Players
Round 1 Clash of the Titans: Finkel vs. Rubin! Friday Players
Jon Finkel needs help, and he knows who to ask Friday Players
Ben Rubin looks for text that just isn't there Friday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Davis vs. Pustilnik. Davis has size, but Pustilnik has speed. Friday Players
Mikey P extends the hand, still shellshocked from the beating Friday Players
Brian Davis is edging from Jekyll to Hyde Friday Players
Round 1 Feature Match: Mandel vs. Comer Friday Players
Danny Mandel does YMG proud Friday Players
Happy-go-lucky Alan Comer and shyguy Aaron Forsythe Friday Players
Everyone's got their game face on Friday Players
The Pit lets everyone watch the slaughter Friday Players
Judge Sheldon Menery is all business Friday Staff
Brian Kibler and his perpetual grin wow Mark Rosewater Friday Players
Peter Szigeti's wardrobe travels back through time! Friday Players
Disney's Wide World of Sports hosts the American National Championships Friday Site

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