Wacky Draft Rules and Restrictions

Posted in Event Coverage on October 24, 2012

By Ryan Spain

Ryan Spain has been a digital designer in R&D since 2011. He is involved in all things Magic Online, from new card sets to the new client and everything in between. He likely has more lifetime hours played on Magic Online than anyone at Wizards.

One of the Magic Online Community Cup traditions is a "Multiball" format—something a little odd, a little out of left field—something to put a humorous spin on the format offerings at the Community Cup.

A little odd? Out of left field? A humorous spin? That sounds a lot like Loading Ready Run, the Canadian sketch-comedy troupe, represented on the Community team by James Turner! The LRR crew loves to have fun with their drafts, as evidenced by their series of draft videos for www.mtgoacademy.com, in which they voluntarily hold themselves to a drafting restriction. Their infamous Hat Draft, in which they always took the card with the best hat in the artwork, is a great example.

Community Manager Mike Robles, who put together the details of the Community Cup this year, called upon the LRR crew (minus James) and R&D to create a Magic Online Cube format where all the participants would be drafting under LRR-style restrictions. After some entertaining back-and-forth between Graham Stark and several R&D volunteers, we created an appropriately-wacky Multiball event.

Drafting the Draft Rules

  1. Twenty rule cards will be displayed for both teams to see, and each team will have a printed list of the draft rules.
  2. The team that is currently behind in points gets first pick. If it is tied, flip a coin for first pick.
  3. The team with the first pick sends a player to draft a card from the available draft rules. That player must draft with that rule.
  4. Alternate between teams, with each sending a player without a pick to choose one of the remaining rules until each player has a draft rule.
Drafting the Cards
  1. The draft will be set up so that each pick has a minute on the timer.
  2. During the draft, if a player can make a pick that fulfills the requirements of his or her draft rule, he or she must do so. If there are no cards that fulfill the draft rule, the player can draft any card in the pack.
  3. There is an expectation of good faith on fulfilling draft requirements, but players are also encouraged to use spectators as spotters to help scan packs for draft-rule fulfillment.
  4. Players are also encouraged to reserve the first card they see that fulfills the conditions of their rule so that their rule will be fulfilled if the timer runs down.

The Draft Rules

Here are the 20 draft rules the players must choose from:

Name Rule Notes/Clarification
Aim High You must draft the card with the highest converted mana cost among cards in the pack.
Big Butts You must draft a creature card with higher toughness than power if able.
Border Patrol You must draft a card that uses the pre-Eighth Edition (retro) frame if able.
Dream Curve You must draft the nonland card with the lowest converted mana cost among cards in the pack for your first pick. For each other pick, you must draft a card with converted mana cost 1 higher than the last card you drafted if able. If there is not a card with the appropriate CMC, go up one until there is one. If there is still no card, drop back down to lowest CMC. The chain carries over into fresh packs
End of the Rainbow You must draft a multicolored card or a permanent card that can produce multiple colors of mana if able. Lands that tap to search for mana sources of two different colors count. (e.g. Verdant Catacombs)
Izzet a Deck Yet? You must draft an instant or sorcery card or a card with “instant” or “sorcery” in its rules text if able.
King of the Fatties You must draft a creature card with power 4 or greater if able.
Land Ho! You must draft a land card if able.
Look Sharpe You must draft the card with the best-dressed creature in the artwork. Doesn't have to be a creature. If nothing "well dressed" then pick anything with clothes. If nothing with clothes, pick anything. Concept artist Richard Whitters will be on hand to judge any questionable decisions for this rule.
Lowest of the Low You must draft the spell with the lowest converted mana cost among cards in the pack. Lands are not spells.
Mono-brown You must draft a colorless nonland card or a land that doesn't tap for colored mana if able. Lands that tap to search for colored mana sources do not count. (e.g. Verdant Catacombs)
Quick Draw! You must draft a card with "draw" in its rules text if able.
Results May Vary You must draft a card that includes X or one whose characteristics or effect is determined by counting something.
Roll for Damage Before the draft, roll a six-sided die. You must draft a card that's only the color matching the result if able. 1. White 2. Blue 3. Black 4. Red 5. Green 6. Other team's choice Multicolored hybrid cards that can be cast only with that color can be picked. Colorless cards that refer to that color or that color's basic lands can be picked (Vedalken Shackles, for example). Lands that produce only that color of mana can be picked.
Smash and Grab You must draft a card with “destroy” or “damage” in its rules text but not “prevent” or “protection” if able.
The Seeker You must draft a card with “search" or “reveal” in its rules text if able.
This Is Constructed, Right? Your deck must contain 60 cards or more.
That's Not Casual You must draft a card that destroys one or more lands, counters a spell, or causes a player to discard one or more cards if able.
Trigger Happy You must draft a card with a triggered ability if able. Look for "When," "Whenever" and "At" statements.
Un-Bear-Able You must draft the card that has the most of the following attributes:
- converted mana cost 2
- 2 power
- 2 toughness
- green
- creature

Matt Tabak will be on hand to adjudicate any disputes or questions relating to these rules. While he is a Wizards employee, he takes his judging quite seriously, and is entirely impartial about things unrelated to the Green Bay Packers.

What is your pack one, pick one selection from these rules? Stay tuned to see what the Community and Wizards of the Coast teams think!

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