What They're Playing

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Aaver Risto (EE)Accelerated Blue
Barrado Carlos (ES)Accelerated Blue
Brucker David (DE)Accelerated Blue
Campbell Gary (SCO)Accelerated Blue
Caner Burcak (TR)Accelerated Blue
Ciszek Adrian (PL)Accelerated Blue
Dobrigna Loic (FR)Accelerated Blue
Fuentes Hector (SP)Accelerated Blue
Gulyas Daniel (HU)Accelerated Blue
Jöbstl Markus (AU)Accelerated Blue
Karaszewski Pawel (PL)Accelerated Blue
Klauser Benedikt (AU)Accelerated Blue
Koskimäki Antti (FIN)Accelerated Blue
Magnani Matteo (IT)Accelerated Blue
Marek Libor (TCH)Accelerated Blue
Österberg Richard (SWE)Accelerated Blue
Schipper Ernst (CH)Accelerated Blue
Schneider Oliver (ENG)Accelerated Blue
Snygg Mikko (FI)Accelerated Blue
Tebar Francisco (ES)Accelerated Blue
Toikka Seppo (FI)Accelerated Blue
Walamies Tomi (FI)Accelerated Blue
Brigmann Oliver (CH)Angry Hermit
Cedercrantz Johan (SE)Angry Hermit
Cedercrantz Martin (SE)Angry Hermit
Davran Bora (TR)Angry Hermit
Dijt Sven C (NL)Angry Hermit
Hidalgo Daniel (ES)Angry Hermit
Karsten Frank (NL)Angry Hermit
Kröger Peer (DE)Angry Hermit
Lavoisier Regis (FR)Angry Hermitwith white
Lippert Christoph A (DE)Angry Hermit
Martinez Adolfo (ES)Angry Hermit
Oldfield Matthieu (FR)Angry Hermit
Oliveira Sonia (PT)Angry Hermit
Osorio Joao (PT)Angry Hermit
Roth Dirk (DE)Angry Hermit
Sigurdsson Torarinn (IS)Angry Hermit
Wiegersma Jelger (NL)Angry Hermit
Degrou Loic (FR)Angry Hermit (with white)with white
Jensen Niels Sanders (DK)Angry Hermit (with white)with white
Pascoli Mario (IT)Angry Hermit (with white)with a little white and black
Van Cleave Trey M (DK)Angry Hermit (with white)with white
Cornelissen Kamiel K (NL)Bargain
Gausdal Bjørn (NO)Bargain
Gundersen Thomas (NO)Bargain
Maier Gero (DE)Bargain
Martin Ralph (IE)Bargain
Mathieu Jean-Baptiste (FR)Bargain
Muratori Giammaria (IT)Bargain
Rigby Neil (ENG)Bargain
Ssderberg Richard (SE)Bargain
Tokoli Zsolt (HU)Bargain
Van de Logt Tom (NL)Bargain
Witt Alexander (NL)Bargain
Bastos Frederico (PT)Cluster BombSaproling Cluster, Altar, Fecundity
Coelho Helder (PT)Cluster BombSaproling Cluster, Altar, Fecundity
Sylvain Lauriol (FR)Cluster BombSaproling Cluster, Altar, Fecundity
Brinkmann Jan (DE)Control Black
Cetl Philipp (AU)Control Black
Cresswell Stuart (ENG)Control Black
Debard Michael (FR)Control Black
D'hondt Jean-Louis (BE)Control Black
Didierjean Thomas (FR)Control Black
Gabor Papp 4932 (HU)Control Black
Gaudron Stéphane (FR)Control Black
Gray David (IE)Control Black
Gregorich Christian (AU)Control Black
Hamon Yann (FR)Control Black
Jocumsen Bjorn P (NO)Control Black
Jurkovic Robert (SK)Control Black
Kaldre Juhan (EE)Control Black
Kühn Janosch (DE)Control Black
Labarre Nicolas (FR)Control Black
Ljones Christen (NO)Control Black
Menard Antoine (FR)Control Black
Postema Bas (NL)Control Black
Queroub Steve (FR)Control Black
Radesater Tobias (SE)Control Black
Renko Andrej A (SK)Control Black
Sighvatsson Yngvi (IS)Control Black
�krbec �iga (SK)Control Black
Tomcani Jan (SK)Control Black
Torng Christophe (FR)Control Black
Vegna Alessandro (IT)Control Black
Verdoodt Philip (BE)Control Black
Vincent Guilleux (FR)Control Black
Aranzana Ivan (SP)Control Blue
Bajsic Bojan (SI)Control Blue
Cavallaro Riccardo (AU)Control Blue
Cornelissen Jesse (NL)Control Blue
Coueffe Romuald (FR)Control Blue
Jefferson Nigel (ENG)Control Blue
Machala Peter (SK)Control Blue
Martin Ben J (ENG)Control Blue
Preyer Thomas (AU)Control Blue
R Monsen Haakon (NO)Control Blue
Soubrie Gregoire (FR)Control Blue
Summersberger Helmut (AU)Control Blue
Winter Joost (NL)Control Blue
Berthos Nicolas (FR)Fish
Beck Martin (DK)Hermit-Plaguelord
Cicin Jain Marko (HR)Hermit-Plaguelord
Deery Martin (IE)Hermit-Plaguelord
Gasparac Luka (HR)Hermit-Plaguelord
Jensen Thomas D (DK)Hermit-Plaguelord
Lindgren Tomin (CH)Hermit-Plaguelord
Snepvangers Bram (NL)Hermit-Plaguelordactually has white and no hermits, just fatties
Burgess Mark Roy (WAL)Monored Burn
Chan Tiago (PT)Monored Burn
Chiera Luca (IT)Monored Burn
Cikos Marko (HR)Monored Burn
Eskeland Sigurd (NO)Monored Burn
Gasparac Lovro (HR)Monored Burn
Geertsen Svend S (DK)Monored Burn
Goh Anthony (ENG)Monored Burn
Grossmann Vasco (PT)Monored Burn
Jakimov Blagoj (HR)Monored Burn
Jirao Filipe (PT)Monored Burn
Maccos Pedro (PT)Monored Burn
Machado Hugo (PT)Monored Burn
Mariani Rui Manuel (PT)Monored Burn
Paskins Daniel (ENG)Monored Burn
Poussiere Gilles (FR)Monored Burn
Torbey Shadi (BE)Monored Burn
Tran Khanh Quan (DE)Monored Burn
Vergendo Maurizio (IT)Monored Burn
Waller Sam (ENG)Monored Burn
Williams Madog (WAL)Monored Burn
Bero Peter (SK)Ponza Red
Brezavscek Matej (SK)Ponza Red
Brickwell Daniel (DE)Ponza Red
Brooks Rob (SCO)Ponza Red
Coskunoglu Basar (TR)Ponza Red
Franzén Johan (SE)Ponza Red
Marcin Sados (PL)Ponza Red
Natale Tommaso (IT)Ponza Red
Ohman Jimmy (SE)Ponza Red
Ozfresko Vedat (TR)Ponza Red
Pacifici Guido (IT)Ponza Red
Pagorek Laurent (FR)Ponza Red
Ustohal Petr (TCH)Ponza Red
Yeh Gottlieb (DE)Ponza Red
Bildner Orr (IL)Replenish
Bonte Jeremie (FR)Replenish
Cetl Erwin (AU)Replenish
Chabalowski Piotr (PL)Replenish
Cools Pierre (BE)Replenish
Costa Jorge (PT)Replenish
Didierjean Thomas idf (FR)Replenish
Dumay Alexis (FR)Replenish
Espenhein Rune (DK)Replenish
Fiore Stefano (IT)Replenish
Gunnarsson Sigurour Orn (IS)ReplenishAcademic Replenish
Haigh Julian (SCO)ReplenishAcademic Replenish
Hajek Jörn (DK)ReplenishAcademic Replenish
Hietala Markus (FI)ReplenishAcademic Replenish
Horecki Marcin Goral (PL)Replenish
Horecki Tomek Goral (PL)Replenish
Hugi Niklaus (CH)Replenish
Jorstedt Mattias (SE)Replenish
Kjartansson Ragnar Mar (IS)Replenish
Laznovsky Martin (TCH)Replenish
Levy Raphael (FR)Replenish
Llewellyn Chris (SCO)Replenish
Lunau Anton (DK)Replenish
Maij Rosario (DE)Replenish
Marsh Warren (ENG)Replenish
Matousek Pavel (TCH)Replenish
Mckeon Robert (IE)Replenish
Meinecke Holger (DE)Replenish
Mortensen Allan A (DK)Replenish
Nessler Michael (DE)Replenish
Newberry Stephen (ENG)Replenish
Norin Sergey (RU)Replenish
Olivieri Nicolas (FR)Replenish
Petit Xavier (FR)Replenish
Petrov Eugeny (RU)Replenish
Romero Ellis J (ENG)Replenish
Ruel Antoine (FR)Replenish
Skokov Nikolai (RU)Replenishwith black
Smrek Juraj (SK)Replenish
Strakhov Alexander (RU)Replenish
Zupancic Ladislav (HR)Replenish
Foket Kurt (BE)Replenish (with Rector)
Gentric Stéphane (FR)Replenish (with Rector)
Gieling Vincent D (BE)Replenish (with Rector)
Girodroux Pierre (BE)Replenish (with Rector)
Cooper Marcus (ENG)RogueSpore Frog
Diezel Michael (DE)RogueScent of Jasmine
Herold Jim (DE)RogueGreen/Red/White Enchantress
Jean Philippe (FR)RogueWhite/Black/Green
Lührs Christian (DE)RogueWelder/Tinker
Nassif Gabriel (FR)RogueWhite/Blue Tinkerish thing
Ruel Olivier (FR)RogueBlue/white Control Hermit Opposition Rebel
Sanders Benjamin (SCO)Roguewhite-green beatdown
Tomse Jakob (SL)RogueSuicide Jank
Zokbal Frantisek (TCH)RogueWhite/Blue control
Cikac Tadej (SK)RogueRed/Green LD
Ranque Wilfried (FR)Squirrel Prison
András Süveges (HU)Stompy
Apollo Kristoffer (DK)Stompy
Boeken Noah (NL)Stompy
Bui Lucien (FR)Stompy
Corti Mauro (IT)Stompy
Harle Tom (ENG)Stompy
Herzog Nicolai (NO)Stompy
Hiltunen Arto (FIN)Stompy
Holden Dan (ENG)Stompy
Johnson Bill (IE)Stompy
Nyegaard Timme (DK)Stompy
Parazzoli Dario (IT)Stompy
Punakallio Mikko (FI)Stompy
Rabhi Fabrice (FR)Stompy
Rebagliati Nicola (IT)Stompy
Redi Andrea (IT)Stompy
Remie Jeroen (NL)Stompy
Senyuz Aras A (TR)Stompy
Urziceanu Valentin (RO)Stompy
Wall Mike (FI)Stompy
Bingen Sturla (NO)Tinker
Jonsson Andreas (SE)Tinkerwith black
Kardos Marcell (HU)Tinkerwith black
Komanicky Vladimir (TCH)Tinkerwith black
Lefranc Florent (FR)Tinker
Makuz Marco (IT)Tinker
Nitter Eivind (NO)Tinker
Odegaard Oyvind (NO)Tinker
Papp Gabor (HU)Tinker
Budde Kai (DE)Tinker (with black)with black
Egli André (CH)Tinker (with black)
Hothow Dominik (DE)Tinker (with black)
Mello Patrick (DE)Tinker (with black)
Wollny Gregor (DE)Tinker (with black)with black
Bagashev Yuri (RU)Trinity Green
Baudys Ondrej (CZ)Trinity Green
Coeckelbergh Gert G (BE)Trinity Green
Courtois Frederic (FR)Trinity Green
Doise Jan j (BE)Trinity Green
Ekebom Erno (FI)Trinity Green
Häberli Jürg (CH)Trinity Greenwith white
Kearney David (IE)Trinity Green
Konuralp Onur (TR)Trinity Green
Nieminen Tuomo (FI)Trinity Green
Ozsvald Richard (SK)Trinity Green
Ross Edward (SCO)Trinity Green
Walsh Justin (IE)Trinity Green
Blumke Alexandre (CH)White Weenie
Donaldson Andrew (SCO)White Weenie
Edbury Richard (WAL)White Weeniewith cradles, vamp tutor
Fehr Christian (CH)White Weenie
Gutjahr-Eder Wolfgang (DE)White Weenie
Hernandez Marc (FR)White Weenie
Horemans Michiel (BE)White WeenieGlittering Lynx/Lion and Cursed Totem
Jedlicka Michal (SK)White Weenie
Larkin John (IE)White Weenie
Rodrigues Marcio (PT)White Weenie
Shinkins Stewart (IE)White Weeniewith black for vamp tutor
Taelpxhe Beligiannis (GR)White Weenie
Bell Markus (DE)Wildfire
Bevand Manuel (FR)Wildfire
Dobson Tony (ENG)Wildfire
Konstanczer André (DE)Wildfire
Ormerod John (ENG)Wildfire
Peretti Jean-Paul (FR)Wildfire
Ristedt Ralph (DE)Wildfire
Ronaldson Ben (ENG)Wildfire
Schneiders Felix (DE)Wildfire
Slemr Jakub (CZ)Wildfire
Stanoev Ivan (TCH)Wildfire
Tejnsky Petr (CZ)Wildfire
Thor�n Jens (SE)Wildfire
Valkyser Stephan J (DE)Wildfire

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