What's In A Name?

Posted in Event Coverage on June 30, 2002

By Ben Bleiweiss

The origin of the team names at this event provided for many amusing stories. Here's a rundown of all the teams that advanced to day two.

2017 (David Rood, Elijah Pollock, Guillaume Daoust)
Named after the average limited rankings of its team members coming into yesterday.

Affirmative Action (Matt Boccio, Alexander Benson, David Chung)
The team contained an Asian and a Hispanic. There may have been more to it, but these guys left before we could get more information.

Bergerons (Ken Ho, Brian Kibler, Ben Rubin)
Named for the famous Kurt Vonnegut shot story, Harrison Bergeron.

CFish and the Rockettes (Jon Morawski, Aaron Venderbeek, Chris Fisher)
Named after the team captain, C(hris) Fish(er). Aaron and Jon are the Rockettes.

Exhisposition Center (Paul Jordan, Tim McKenna, Brian David-Marshall)
Brian took the bus from his house to the tournament site, but accidentally asked to go to the Exposition center instead of the Exhibition center. This name makes fun of that mistake.

FamilyGamesCenter.com (Doug Tice, Craig Wescoe, Chris Reiley)
Sponsored by the Family Games Center, a computer and card gaming store in LIttle Rock, Arkansas.

Good Verns (Alex Werner, Ian Spaulding, Allen Sun)
One of these team members had the nickname "Vern" on IRC and says "good" a lot (as in good play, or good top deck), so they combined the two to come up with Good Verns.

Illuminati (Justin Gary, Zvi Mowshowitz, Alex Shvartsman)
Forced to change their name when entering the top eight of Pro Tour New York 2001, Alex, Zvi and Justin decided to rename themselves Illuminati because they were a mysterious team suddenly just showing up in the final day after having not been in the standings the previous two days.

JBL (Scott Landis, Jordan Berkowitz, Dan Bridy)
An abbreviation of the names of team members J(ordan)B(erkowitz)L(andis).

Josemagic.com (Alan Cardoso, Alex Lieberman, Brent REitman)
Named after Jose Magic, a gaming store in Orlando, Florida.

Lovespell (Alex Borteh, Chris Benafel, Eric Froehlich)
Alex Borteh absolutely adores the fragrance of the perfume Lovespell, which coincidentally is worn by teammate Chris Benafel's girlfriend Elizabeth Lempicki.

ODB (Pete Leiher, Sam Fog, Mike Long)
As far as we can tell, named after their ages, hygiene and personalities.

Raw Dogs (Brian Hacker, Gab Tsang, Jeff Cunningham)
New Magic slang named for running a card when it won't necessarily gain you an advantage even though it might if played at a different time. For instance, playing a Gravedigger when you have no creatures in the graveyard or playing Standstill with no threats on the board would be raw dogging it.

RDU (James Lucy, Chris Soots, Jason Rose)
These guys left without giving us the origin of their team name either.

Team Cardshark (Jason Huang, Paul Sottosanti, Adam Fischer)
Named after the online site Card-Shark.com.

Team TOGIT (Pat Sullivan, Craig Krempals, Adam Horvath)
Named after The Only Game In Town, a gaming store in New Jersey.

The Jokas (Eric James, Kyle Rose, Norman Woods)
They like to joke around, so they named themselves The Jokas.

To The Bar (Walter Egli, Brian Lynch, Robert DiPalma)
These three friends vowed that if they went 0-2, they would go to the bar.

Your Move Games (Darwin Kastle, Dave Humpherys, Rob Dougherty)
Named after the chain of gaming stores owned by team member Rob Dougherty.

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