Who is Who in Latin American Magic

Posted in Event Coverage on July 13, 2002

By Rui Oliveira

By now you probably seen a few pictures and the pairings and you know all the big Pro Tour names who showed up. But what about the local players? Latin America isn't exactly a powerhouse in Magic. You might know a couple of Pro Tour regulars, or the Latin players who qualified for the Invitational, but that is clearly not enough.

To help you out we have put together a small list of the top names in Latin America. Some of them might not be here today but that doesn't mean you shouldn't expect to see them in future events.

Lets start with the list of past Brazilian Grand Prix winners and finalists:

Curitiba 2002: Guilherme Dei Svaldi defeated Alex Shvartsman.
Rio 2001: Carlos Romao defeated Alex Shvartsman.
Sao Paulo 2000: Rafael Alvarenga defeated Douglas Maioli.
Rio 1998: Jon Finkel defeated Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz.

It seems we are in the middle of a trend: after losing the first Grand Prix to the amazing Jon Finkel Brazilians have taken control of their home turf. Curiously the trend seems to have created another trend: Alex Shvartsman losing in the finals.

But Latin America isn't just Brazil, so here are the rest of the Latin Grand Prix so far:

Santiago 2001: Matias Gabrenja defeated Gerardo Godinez.
Buenos Aires 2000: Hugo Araiza defeated Walter Witt.

For the last two years Grand Prix played second fiddle to the biggest continental tournament around here. That's right Latin Championship. Here are the top 8 for the championships held before the tournament was retired from the circuit:


1) Scott Richards
2) Diego Ostrovich
3) Raphael Garcia
4) Victor Galimbertti
5) Christian Pereira
6) Eduardo Sella
7) Alejandro del Gerbo Actis
8) Julio Silva Maciel


1) Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola
2) Rafael Le Saux
3) Gerardo Godinez-Estrada
4) Carlos E Romao
5) Francisco Garcia Barbosa
6) Alex Sousa
7) Eduardo Simao Teixeira
8) Thomas E Felsberg

To finish the lists, the Top 40 Constructed - since this is a Standard tournament - players in the continent:

1Rodrigo A Sánchez Albert2055Chile
2Juan L Reutter2044Chile
3Victor U Galimbertti2041Brazil
4Diego Ostrovich2022Argentina
5Matias Gabrenja2013Argentina
6Dawton C Possato2011Brazil
7Gabriel Caligaris2001Argentina
8jose I barbero Sr.1998Argentina
9Rafaël A Le Saux1994Chile
10Leopoldo M. Martins Moreira Neto1990Brazil
11Gabriel Guerreiro1988Brazil
12Rodrigo Possamai1984Brazil
13Lucas F Ramirez1982Argentina
13gabriel n michelena1982Argentina
15Francisco Cereceda1977Chile
16Ricardo L del Castillo Sr.1976Dominican Republic
17Christiano M Pereira1974Brazil
18Gerardo Godinez Estrada Sr.1971Mexico
19Guilherme D Svaldi1969Brazil
20matias bollati1963Argentina
20Guilherme R. A. Silva1963Brazil
22Ary D Capristrani Jr.1961Brazil
22Carlos R Zaniolo Filho1961Brazil
24Jorge Talav Melgar1959Peru
25Daniel Q Brasil do Carmo Sr.1957Brazil
25Guido H Monti1957Argentina
27Rafael Tejo1956Argentina
27Andre Nascimento Sr.1956Brazil
29Sergio F Martins1954Brazil
30maximiliano r conca1952Argentina
31Gerardo J Saiz1951Argentina
32Francisco Moreno1950Argentina
33Raphael F. Gunther1948Brazil
34Romario T Britto1947Brazil
35Rafael A Alvarenga Sr.1946Brazil
36Carlos E Romão1945Brazil
37Rafael A Perracini1944Brazil
38Cristian Vassallo1943Dominican Republic
39Waldemar B Barrientos Campos1942Chile
40Celso Zampere Junior 15 Zampere Jr.1940Brazil

We hope this helps you through the weekend. At least when you check the final standings you will have an easier time figuring out if someone came out of the blue to finish in the Top 8 or if they have been around for a while.

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