The Worst Plays of the Day

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2002

By Ben Bleiweiss

Towards the end of the fifth round of play, I asked several prominent Magic players the following question:

"What was the worst play you've seen today, or the worst situation you've seen someone get into?"

Here were some of the answers!

Tony Tsai: I had to chump block with my 4th turn Painbringer. My opponent went second turn Wild Mongrel, and pitched a Basking Rootwalla to it at the end of my second turn. He then attacked me for 5 on turn three and 5 on turn 4. I had to drop a Painbringer and chump the Mongrel, or he would have discarded enough cards to kill me on turn 5!

Darwin Kastle: Mike Turian attacked with his Gravedigger into a Krosan Archer. Although he had an active Cabal Torturer, he declined to use it since he had to kill a Mesmeric Fiend to get a key spell back that turn. Although I suppose it could have been a bluff to get his opponent to discard a card if he had used to Torturer on the Archer, it was a bad bluff since it was obvious he needed to kill the Fiend there and then. This late in the tournament, there shouldn't be mistakes like that, but I expect that's probably as bad as it will get.

Brian Davis: I attacked my Basking Rootwalla straight into a Krosan Avenger, when my opponent had threshold. He had plenty of mana open and just regenerated his Avenger.

PTR: I was playing EDT and I was at one life and tapped out. He had a swampwalker in play, and all he had to do was attack to win. He looked at the board, shook his head, said "nope, can't do it", and then said "go". As soon as I drew my card, he shook his head again and said "I'm an idiot". I proceeded to top deck a Morbid Hunger to kill his swampwalker. I almost came back that game, but he won the turn before I was going to kill him with an amazing top deck.

Ed Fear: I cast an Unhinge against my opponent, and his hand was a creature, and a Violent Eruption. He had plenty of mana open, and chose to discard the Eruption—but didn't bother playing it with madness! He just let it go to the graveyard for no reason.

Steve OMS: I saw someone go first turn mountain, Firebolt his opponent.

Dan OMS: I took 20 points of Chatter of the Squirrel damage. My opponent dropped first turn Squirrel, flashed back the chatter for a second squirrel, then dropped fourth turn Narcissism. I couldn't block his squirrels because of Narcissism, and he eventually cast Overrun to kill me with just those two creatures.

Ben Rubin: No comment. The worst play I've seen today may have been my own!

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