Eventide Tokens

Posted in Arcana on July 10, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Boy, these Eventide token cards are pretty cool, huh? Wait, what do you mean you haven't seen them? Well, surely we can fix that. In fact, let's do that right now!

Goblin Soldier Token

This happy little fellow is a ferocious Goblin Soldier. It appears that he has two weapons: an enormous scythe and a tiny dagger. Sensibly, he's using the scythe.

Worm Token

Ah, a worm. Not a wurm or a wyrm, but a worm. It's very maggotty. And see how it glistens? That means it's healthy. What's next?

Elemental Token

Wha— what is that? That thing looks like bad news. You probably don't want one of those coming at you.

Spirit Token

Spirits sometimes appear somewhat abstract to those of us in the material world.

Beast Token

This image of a Beast seems to be from the point of view of someone being eaten by it. It was very considerate of the victim to ignore the agonizing pain of being digested long enough to paint this.

Bird Token

This 1/1 bird token seems fairly straightforward. It's a bird, it's flying, basically it does what it says in the advertisements.

We have one token left, and to create some sense of mystery, we're hiding it.

Goat Token


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