Eventide Video #1: Hybrid

Posted in Arcana on June 30, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to the beginning of official Eventide previews! Over the next two weeks we’ll be previewing Magic’s newest set in articles, more cards on the daily front page previews, and even more cards in the Eventide minisite’s Visual Spoiler.

Today we’ve also got the first of three videos to get you all set for your upcoming Eventide battles at the July 12 and 13 Prerelease events.

Français Hybride
Deutsch Hybridkarten
Español Híbridas
Italiano Carte Ibride
日本語 混成

Keep watching this space, because on Tuesday and Wednesday, Magic Arcana will be revealing the Eventide videos for two new mechanics, chroma and retrace. (Like last time, we'll also be adding the videos to each applicable language's product page in the Eventide minisite as we move forward, so if you miss anything you'll be able to find everything there in one handy place.)

In the meantime, you can also review the following Shadowmoor videos in preparation for your Eventide exploits.

All videos & Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The Eventide street release and Launch Parties kick off on July 25, but you don't have to wait. Get your first chance to play with Eventide cards at the Prerelease on April 19 and 20!

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