The Expected Journey

Posted in NEWS on May 30, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Call it enthusiasm, call it devotion, call it obsession. Regardless, over ten thousand players will be celebrating Modern Masters this weekend.

Perhaps what is most amazing about our passion for Magic is how it also keeps families closely knitted together. You might have already checked out our "Around the Multiverse" Facebook Gallery earlier, but just in case you haven't, here is a picture of Richmond Tan and his beautiful family.

Richmond Tan and his family at Grand Prix Chiba 2015.

Richmond is one of the most well-known and well-respected members of the Philippines Magic Community and has been playing Magic for a long, long time. Together with his wife and their two sons, they have made the trip to Chiba to indulge in a weekend of Magic festivities with thousands of other Magic fans.

Richmond: It's the biggest event of the year, as a hardcore Magic fan, I could not possibly miss out on this one. It was not a matter of whether I wanted to go, but which event I would bring my family to. I only have eight days, so I chose to come to Chiba. If I was given another week, I would seriously reconsider flying to Utrecht or Las Vegas.

Jace approves of Richmond Tan's decision to definitely NOT miss this Modern Masters Weekend.

Richmond has been a hobbyist for as long as he could remember. He once told me that, he used to collect basketball cards but he couldn't play with those.

Richmond: They sit in the albums, looking pretty. Then I found out about Magic and sold all my basketball cards and made the switch. I now collect Magic cards instead. Haha!”

The journey of a lifetime began when he started to date Rowena. They started to play Magic together when they met, while they were dating and it continued until even after they got married. To this day, Magic remains one of the strongest bonding agents that holds them together closer than ever.

Richmond: I made Top 8 of Grand Prix Manila while my wife was pregnant with our youngest son. My wife and oldest son play with me now. I'm a truly blessed man.

Rowena: Playing Magic is a great way to help expand your ability to learn. We intend to teach our two-year-old baby boy how to play Magic when he turns six or seven.

Richmond: Maybe that will be sometime around Modern Masters 2020, if that even exists? Haha! We'll see!

Chapman: How is your weekend so far?

Rowena: As far as I'm concerned, mine is going great! The tournament hall is large and spacious and everyone has been really friendly and polite. Also, I got a Tarmogoyf in my Sealed deck. That's bound to make anyone happy, right?

Richmond: My deck looks very good but I'm a little light on removal.

I glanced over at his deck and saw a bunch of bombs in Richmond's two-color deck, which included Creakwood Liege, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Precursor Golem and Karn Liberated. With two byes, it is Richmond's hope that he can make Day 2.

Chapman: So, who’s the best player in the family?

Rowena: Richmond is.

Richmond's sons: Daddy is!

All Richmond Tan could do was to smile and agree.

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