Faeries vs. Giants

Posted in Arcana on October 2, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

As some of its largest and longest-lived creatures, giants are a formidable force on the plane of Lorwyn. However its smallest and shortest-lived race, the faeries, can often get the better of them. The Lorwyn set features several card illustrations depicting faeries tricking and outmaneuvering giants. Check it out.

Captivating Glance

The art of Captivating Glance shows a faerie charming a giant, leading it astray.

Pestermite shows the eponymous "mite" zipping ahead of a giant, even getting in a few insolent nicks with her tiny sword.
Glimmerdust Nap

The art of Glimmerdust Nap shows a faerie having put a giant pleasantly to sleep with a sprinkling of faerie dust—the better to harvest his dreams, like a bee harvesting pollen.
Zephyr Net

And Zephyr Net shows a giant caught in the distracting wind-magic of a mischievous clique (the term for a small social group of faeries).

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