Fate Reforged: Top 8 Draft Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on November 6, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

The Pro Tour Qualifier season for Pro Tour Fate Reforged is under way. This is your chance to test your Limited skills, because invitations and tickets to Pro Tour Fate Reforged go to PTQ winners!

Look through the events below for Top 8 draft decklists. Decklists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The new season runs August 30, 2014 – November 30, 2014. For more information about the PTQ season, click here.

August 24: Ottawa, ON: Kale Thompson (Attendance: 208)

August 30: Indianapolis, IN: Tyler Winn (Attendance: 166)

September 6: Maitland, FL: David Sharfman (Attendance: 118)

September 13: Philadelphia, PA: Vishvas Doshi (Attendance: 269)

September 23: Edmonton, AB: Danny Royer (Attendance: 249)

September 29: Magic Online: Event #7500216: m3l0q

October 4: Honolulu, HI: Andrea Mengucci (Attendance: 75)
October 4: Missoula, MN: John Sittner (Attendance: 58)
October 4: Monroeville, PA: Michael TeDeschi (Attendance: 102)
October 4: Vancouver, BC: Justin Mager (Attendance: 56)
October 5: Catskill, NY: Jonathan Delano (Attendance: 116)
October 5: Austin, TX: Roberto Berni (Attendance: 135)
October 5: Spokane, Wa: Justin Mager (Attendance: 56)

October 18: Fort Worth, TX: Randall Gay (Attendance: 129)
October 18: Villa Park, IL: Stephen Berrios (Attendance: 193)
October 19: Knoxville, TN: Randall Gay (Attendance: 129)
October 19: Mount Holly, NJ: William Hogan (Attendance: 120)

October 25: Dayton, OH: Riley Curran (Attendance: 131)
October 25: Sacramento, CA: Michael Henson (Attendance: 168)
October 25: Springfield, MO: Anthony Smith (Attendance: 87)
October 26: Roanoke, VA: Mark Lovin (Attendance: 100)

November 1: Seattle, WA: Joshua Ravitz (Attendance: 213)
November 1: Somerville, NJ: Brendan McNamara (Attendance: 123)

November 8: Asheville, NC: Ray Tautic (Attendance: 86)
November 8: Madison, WI: Justin Cohen (Attendance: 179)
November 8: Seattle, WA: Henry Romero (Attendance: 305)

November 15: Flint, Michigan: Jacob Moore (Attendance: 176)

November 16: Columbia, South Carolina: Andrew Leitner (Attendance: 59)
November 16: Roseville, Minnesota: David Heineman (Attendance: 138)

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