Favor of the Mighty

Posted in Arcana on October 23, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Favor of the Mighty is a white enchantment that grants a powerful set of protections to a certain class of creatures. The card doesn't do anything mechanically tribal in its rules text, but has the Giant subtype as a kind of flavorful hint. It says, "This is giant magic. Use this card with huge, expensive creatures such as giants." And if you want, you can take advantage of its tribalness in other ways—use it to turn on your Blind-Spot Giant, reveal it when you play Ancient Amphitheater, or tutor it up with Giant Harbinger.

Favor of the Mighty

The card's art shows a contemplative giant sitting on a mountain peak. The peak is so lofty in altitude that he's staring out at a blanket of clouds below him—he is literally on top of the world (and is probably enjoying his protection from all colors). Note that, in the art, there is a little clue that he has greater power and status than other creatures on the board. Check out the shapes of the clouds floating by his head. Little foxes and bunnies don't receive the Favor of the Mighty—only the mightiest of giants do.

Favor of the Mighty Favor of the Mighty art by Larry MacDougall

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