Feature: Day 1 Guild Leaderboard

Posted in NEWS on October 20, 2012

By Trick Jarrett

Patrick "Trick" Jarrett oversees web content and social media for Magic, and acts as the publisher of DailyMTG.com and Magic content on the web. He's an ardent Commander player and lover of the game he's played since Ice Age.

Based on the top competitors after Day 1 here at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica, here's how the guilds are represented among the top ranked players!

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These rankings are based on the number of players identifying themselves as a member of this guild amongst the top players at the event.

1. Izzet

2. Azorius

3. Rakdos

4. Boros

5. Simic

6. Dimir

7. Gruul

8. Selesnya

9. Golgari

10. Orzhov