1995 World Championship Top 4 Decks

Posted in Feature on February 16, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Note: we don't have complete records of the decklists from 1995. Here's what we were able to piece together from various sources, including a post on Usenet from Henry Stern

Still wondering what was in everyone's deck? Well, we've got a little game for you. Back in 1996, when the Pro Tour was just beginning, there were a variety of ways to get invited. For the first one, players called a 1-900 number. For the second, one of the ways was a puzzle in The Duelist where readers were challenged to match up sideboards with 1995 Worlds Top 8 players. Give it a try, but keep in mind that you're about twelve years too late to qualify for the Pro Tour this way.

And here are the three decks we're sure of!

Alexander Blumke's Rack Control

Marc Hernandez

Henry Stern

집중마법 (7)
4 Fireball 1 Channel 2 Jokulhaups
순간마법 (8)
4 Lightning Bolt 3 Incinerate 1 Crumble
마법물체 (11)
3 Zuran Orb 4 Black Vise 4 Howling Mine
부여마법 (3)
3 Stormbind
63 카드
사이드보드 (15)
2 Whirling Dervish 2 Crumble 2 Lhurgoyf 3 Pyroclasm 3 Pyroblast 3 Anarchy

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