2000 Australian National Championship Fact Sheet

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By Wizards of the Coast

What is the date for the AU National Championships?

June 10, 11 & 12 2000

Where is the AU National Championships going to be held?

Rydges Lakeside Canberra
London Circuit
Canberra, ACT

Is the AU National Championships Open or Closed? What does that mean anyway?

An "Open" National Championships is where any player can turn up, register and play in the Nationals. A "Closed" event is where the players must earn invitations based on their past performance to qualify.

AU Nationals is a closed event. Invitations are awarded based the following criteria:

  • 1999 World Champion (not applicable in Australia’s case)
  • 1999 Pro Tour Player of the Year (not applicable in Australia’s case)
  • Any player who is the top 50 of the Professional Standings at the time of Pro Tour Los Angeles 2000 (February 4-6 2000)
  • The returning Australian National Team
    • Michael Doeke
    • Jake Hart
    • Adam Kemp
    • Dane Coltman
  • Top 8 (eight) finishers from each Regional Qualifying Tournament (QT).

The Regions of Australia are broken along State/Territory lines as follows:

Region Name City Contact Phone
QLD Region Brisbane Michael Mason 0410 495 708
NSW Region Sydney Chris Foggin (02) 9361 5652
ACT Region Canberra David Low (02) 6268 8739
VIC Region Melbourne Mark Brown 0408 378 525
TAS Region Hobart Jason Moores (03) 6423 6506
SA Region Adelaide Dale Aitken (08) 8227 0020
NT Region Darwin Andrew Varga (08) 8935 2081
WA Region Perth Luke Hancock (08) 9300 5304
Regional Qualifying Tournaments are to take place on the 30th of April 2000.
All tournaments are to be Standard Constructed format.
Number of rounds shall be based on the attendance.
  • Top 25 previously uninvited players based on Australian Composite DCI ranking taken as of the 1st of May 2000.
  • Top 4 (four) finishers at each of the Australian National’s Qualifying Open events taking place on Saturday 10th June 2000 starting at 1:00 pm

If I already have an invitation, can I play in events that offer invitations to AU Nationals?

Players who already have an invitation may not compete in events that will allocate invitations.

What do I get if I place in the top 4 for AU National Championships?

You will receive airfare and accommodation for four nights at the World Championships in Brussels, Belgium courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

What are the other prizes?

Product prizes will be awarded from 5th to 32nd place.

Once I am qualified for AU National Championships, how much is the entry fee?

Free. There is no entry fee for the AU National Championships.

What paper work do I have to complete in order to register that I am going to play in the AU Nationals?

In order for all players to be eligible for competition all invitation winners must sign and complete the both the information sheet and the waiver contained in the players pack, you must return these waivers back to

AU National Championships Waivers

PO Box 1093

Rockdale NSW 2216
- or -
Fax: 02 9592 4502

These must be received by the 31st May 2000.

I hear that there is going to be a BBQ for all nationals’ players, how do I get involved in that?

Entry for invited players is free. If you wish to come along and enjoy the BBQ anyway, we are asking for $15 for a BBQ lunch. This is going to be held at the

Rydges Canberra (the same venue as the AU National Championships) starting at around 12:30pm. Signage will be up around the hotel, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding us. If you have any problems, you can contact Chris Zantides on 0412 511 909.

What hours is the venue are open?

The venue is open from 7:30am till midnight on all nights the Nationals are run.

Where can I find accommodation in the area?

We have organized an excellent rate ($140 for a double share room, a discount of 50% from the MSRP) with the Rydges Lakeside. For all accommodation please contact:

Rydges Lakeside Canberra
London Circuit
Canberra, ACT
Ph: (02) 6247 6244
Fax: (02) 6257 3071

Make sure you let the hotel know when you make your reservation that you are with the Wizards of the Coast Australia National Championships and you would like to book at that rate.

What is public transport to the area like?

Rydges Lakeside is centrally located, on London Circuit near Lake Burley Griffin. It is about a ten-minute walk from the interstate bus terminal at the Jolimont Centre on Northbourne Avenue. From the airport or the Kingston train terminal, you should take a taxi (about $10). For food and entertainment outside the Rydges complex, you can take a short walk into Civic. If you want to go further afield, the more up market suburb of Manuka is about a $10 taxi ride away.

Why aren’t we using the "Attendance-Based System" from the 1999 AU Nationals?

We are trying to standardize, worldwide, how regional qualifying tournaments feed a closed National Championship. Eight-slots per region has been the standard (with some less populous but necessary regions having 2-slots).

Can you give me a timetable of the AU Nationals?

June 10

10 am – 1pm Player Registration Opens (Nationals and Meat grinder)
12:30pm Player BBQ ($15 to those without invitations) starts
1pm Meat grinder #1 Starts (Sealed Deck) – 4 Invites
3pm Meat grinder #2 Starts (Constructed (Standard)) – 4 Invites
5pm Meat grinder #3 Starts (Sealed Deck) – 4 Invites
7pm Meat grinder #4 Starts (Constructed (Standard)) – 4 Invites
1pm – 11pm Ancillary Events running

June 11 Day One

8am – 8pm Nationals Booster Draft (6 rounds)
Noon – 11pm Ancillary Events

June 12 Day Two

8am – 4pm Nationals Standard Constructed (6 rounds)
4:30pm – 10pm Nationals Finals
Noon – 10pm Ancillary Events
10:15pm Final Presentation

*Timing may change due to unexpected events

What are the formats for the AU Nationals?

Day One Format

  • Booster Draft (MM/NE/PR) Draft twice
  • 50-minute rounds + 5 extra turns

Day Two Format

  • Standard Constructed as of the 1st of June 2000
  • 60-minute rounds + 5 extra turns

Finals Format

  • Standard Constructed (Deck from Day Two)
  • Best 2 out of 3 Modified Double Elimination
  • 120 minute rounds (The winner is the one who has won more games, else they finish the current game, and then we determine who is the winner)

Is the Upcoming Expansion Prophecy really included in the National Draft?

Yes. Prophecy becomes legal for limited play on the day of its release. This is about a week before Nationals, therefore all limited events that can use it, are going to. This means Nationals.

What is the story with the meat grinders?

This year we have decided to run four meat-grinder tournaments at AU National Championships. This year, for the first time, we are offering both Sealed and Constructed grinders.

These events are run SINGLE-elimination.

Entry fee for Sealed is $20 and for constructed (standard) $10. All of the grinders carry 4 invitations to the AU National Championships

How will the draw work at the AU National Championships?

It will be 12 rounds of continued Swiss-style pairings. You may play the same person up to three times (once during draft 1, during draft 2 and during the standard day). If you make the DOUBLE Elimination finals, it is possible for you to play that same person once again.

I know that we have an early start on the Sunday and Monday. What can I do about breakfast?

We have organized to have breakfast start a little early; it will begin at 6:30am on both days. If you aren’t staying at the Rydges, but want to enjoy the delicious buffet breakfast on offer, we have organized a $15 deal (a 25% discount off the normal price).

What is this I hear about competitor t-shirts?

All persons who have been invited to AU National Championships, and actually attend will receive, free, a competitor shirt. Limited quantities of XXXL will be available, if you need a XXXL please get there early to avoid being disappointed.

If I am interested in Judging what do I do?

If you would like to judge at the AU National Championships, please contact Chris Zantides, by email, at zantides@wizards.com or by phone on (02) 9592 3684.

If I have further questions, whom do I contact?

You can phone Chris Zantides on (02) 9592 3684 or email <zantides@wizards.com>.

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